Car Makers To Boost Economy with 3,000 More Jobs

An article in today’s Hospodarske Noviny shines hope of increased economic growth in Slovakia, as all three car manufacturers plan to up their production and generate around 3,000 new jobs.

VW - one of Slovakia's biggest employers

Volkswagen, Kia and PSA Peugeot Citroen are all planning investments into their production lines, with VW expecting to generate an additional 1,500 workers to its already 9,400 strong workforce (and possibly hundreds more jobs created in the supply chain) with the possible launch of a new line to produce its Lamborghini SUV’s, with full production also of Porsche Cayenne models by 2017.

The VW plant near Bratislava is a key contributor to the country’s economy, and together with the other car makers, keeps Slovakia’s trade balance in check, thanks to strong exports. The companies will be hoping for financial stimulus from the state, as before, with VW hoping for tax relief.


  1. Good news? Maybe. 3000 news jobs in return for “Tax breaks” i.e. paid for by the rest of us. Meanwhile Glorious Leader once again demonstrates his international statesmanship and economic nounce by making a statement that has rubbed Slovakia’s allies up the wrong way. While Poland, the Baltic states, Romania and other Eastern European countries are pleading for NATO forces to be stationed in their homeland, BnM has pooh-poohed the idea, suggesting that having “foriegn” forces on Slovak soil would be like having the Warsaw Pact invaders back. Really? I can’t recall one incident where a NATO tank has run over a demonstrating student or troops have been used to keep a corrupt, single party government in power.
    Nothing new here though – BnM refused missile defence radar bases and the stationing of Strategic Transport aircraft here. Reality check – A study into the effect of Geilenkirchen airbase ( E-3A AWAC Sentry aircraft) on the German/Dutch border makes for some enlightened reading – (these are 2008 figures) – Direct jobs created: 3050, indirect jobs created 1716, Cash injected into the local economy (200Km radius) 275.8 million Euro, 447.3 million over the wider area. No tax breaks, no incentives, no bribes.
    BnM fools no one, his policy of not allowing NATO bases is more to do with keeping in Putin’s good books rather than the imaginary threat to Slovak sovereignty.

  2. God , allowing Slowvaks to build Lamborghini SUV’s and with full production of Porsche Cayenne in 2017.

    Brings a hole new meaning to the Friday afternoon production of the Dagenham Dustbin …..( Ford )

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