Cats and Dogs Get More Protection from Hunters

Parliament will be looking at a curious piece of legislation tomorrow as the liberal SaS party has submitted a draft amendment to the Hunting Act, which will limit hunters from shooting people’s pets.

The SaS is submitting the proposal, which will prevent people with hunting licenses from shooting cats at all and will restrict the conditions under which they can shoot dogs. To date hunters have not only had the right to shoot wild animals, but also our four-legged and furry friends provided they were at least 200m from the nearest permanently inhabited dwelling.

According to daily Pravda, around 7,000 dogs and 9,000 cats were ‘terminated’ by hunters last year, and that is only the official figures from the hunters yearbook, which can hardly be expected to be accurate. Many dog-owners have probably said goodbye to their best friend in this way while taking an innocent walk in the forest.

The SaS party is supporting the legislative piece with a petition containing 100,000 signatures


  1. James , I’d like to see things from your point of view but I really can’t seem to get my head that far up my own backside . You will not be surprised that I find that you are the last person that could give anyone advice. However perhaps you should direct your advice towards your cuddle buddy Mr Fungus ? Clearly you would enjoy being in a long discussion with a potato head, that uses the word Prick, or having suggest poo being tipped down your back etc on open forum ??? I note now how you pick your friends ?

    As for me huffing, I am sorry , I thought I opened the door for you to discuss Hanlon etc again , as I was made to stay in Slovakia , did I not ???…I just though for once perhaps you had actually decide to just shut up , as you had nothing useful to say or add ? I did not realize it was my turn .

    As for Mr Fungus and his dressing down, well hush my mouth, .but I have been called far worse things on the field of play , normally when I delivered a well aimed boot , between their small manhood … my come back is always , ‘ yes my friend you may well be right , but you will always be ugly . ‘ I also understand Mr Fungus claims he has a bloodline back to nearly 2000 years. ….I did not know Kilmainham Gaol was open for so long , or criminal records were kept since AD 360 ..? Still we live and learn …

  2. George, We’ll leave aside, for now, the admittedly important fact that you failed to get the point of Fergus’ initial comment. Even more important is that you do seem to enjoy demeaning yourself.

    Once your comments on the Hanlon thread had been exposed as silly and shallow, you appeared to flounce away in a huff only to reappear here hurling around the sort of personal abuse that would have disgraced a 6-year old.

    I’d say you were given a good dressing-down for that, yet you STILL keep digging that hole for yourself.

    So here’s a bit of advice. Go away for a while (I think they might be flying to Scotland again, or, given how you hate Slovakia so much, you could go even further – I’ve heard Siberia is nice at this time of year), pause for a bit of self-reflection (that’ll be a novel but illuminating experience) and come back on here when you’ve got something intelligent and constructive to say. In other words, when you’re ready to join the adult world.

  3. Mr Dear Fungus , I am somewhat surprised that it you took so long to respond to my comments. I can only guess you were suffering from Writers Block ?

    As Flapper stated in another forum, sarcasm is welcomed, as long as they are tastily, intelligently and carefully crafted, constructed and presented .

    You will excuse me if just keep ridiculing your homicide efforts to turn shooting a cat, into normal human behavior . What did Bernard Shaw say …Put an Irishman on a spit and you can always find another one to help turn him

  4. George which circus did you go to school in, I put it to you, that Mr Flapper is incorrect, you are in fact a bigoted coward who’s is self obsession is most likely caused by low self esteem.
    I find the fact that when someone pours excrement down the back of your neck you, seem to think its channel. You seem very interested, if not obsessed with the nationality of others including referees but hide your own.
    You also made referenced to my legitimacy , nice, tactful but inaccurate as always, as for culture and heritage, my bloodline can be traced back as far A.D. 360 unlike your D.N.D donor, who most probably was a very confused man reading the expiry date on a condom and wondering, what if? Well I guess me all know the what if now, eh.
    You are insecure egotistical and most like a total and utter failure as you seem to lack even the basic of social graces. I would go so far to say you are actually impoverished, as manners are a free luxury you obviously cannot even afford. I have yet to witness you win a battle if intellect let alone wit with any of the posters or commenters here. You are not a Slovak tax payer, you in fact, are a payer of Slovak taxes as you are not Slovak, in point of fact if a person buys a packed of cigarettes in Slovakia he can claim this honour.. To quote Eamonn De Velara, who in fact was an American citizen, originally: “I will not go to war over the meaning of words ” and I would not ask, but rather suggest you consider the teachings of Sun Tzu: The victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory.
    Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.
    George you bark very loudly, but my old Grandfathers anallergy seems more accurate in your case. Tiocfibh ar la, but I doubt yours ever will Mo Cara. And your DND donor most probably wished his had’nt.
    Is mise le mas

  5. Nice to see you are so proud of your own nation you omit to mention it . But then again, I think I can guess; in saying this, presumption and assumption are the mother of all F’ups. So maybe you might share this with us. It might provide an insight to your disposition.
    As for my own nationhood I am proud of my dual heritage.
    Why not give a few positive comments for a change.
    The former Taoiseach, Bertie, no argument there, Sean Quinn, you won’t or maybe you do know this, Quinn Direct Insurance provided the equivalent of low airfares fares in the insurance industry, thus affording young drives the possibilities to own drive and insure their own cars, his situation is not unique nor is it confined to Ireland. Michael O’Leary the man everyone loves to hate, but yet, Ryanair continues to grow and expand.
    God bless the O’Leary’s, Lauder’s, Branson’s and Laker’s of this world! I remember in the late 80’s and 90’s my firm was paying £200+ for flights from Dublin to the U.K, close to £400 to Barcelona and about £1000 for flights to the U.S.A and South Africa, AND that was 20 years ago. A pack of cigarettes at the time in the UK and Ireland was less that £2.00, a pint was €1, there were no airport taxes, entry or exit taxes back then either.
    George, Shouting from behind a wall must get frustrating sometimes, George, does it?
    Your obvious animosity towards foreigners, mistrust of strangers, their politics and culture is extraordinary. Why not tell us about it George, the pros and cons of Xenophobia, by George M.
    Or do you rather to sit on the sideline shouting and name calling like a spoilt little brat who never made the cut?

    1. Flapper , I must apologize for not responding earlier in the day, but I was washing the dog.

      This desperate need to know my own nationality is quite irrelevant, as I consider myself now a European and also Slovak Taxpayer for the bases of our current discussions. Just for own peace of obviously worried mind, given the mixture of my own background, my continued stance is not that unreasonable . In life, I find only the most desperate and insecure souls have the need to announce they wear a badge of some nationality or other. I guess you have to decide Do you want people to accept you as you are, or do you want them to like you?

      As for Quinn, Mr nice guy, to the poor masses of Young Stupid Irish car drivers , well I see you were sukkered in by his charm of cheap car insurance,.Hardly a sustainable business model was it, as was proven by his all his business interests ….no one who ends up with unpaid debts of 5 billion euro, could ever be considered as just ‘so unlucky’ the Fiscal crises hit Ireland when it did ?

      As for Mr O’Leary, I can only say with my hand on my heart, if ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest person alive.

      Finally mentioning my dear ‘George’ name many times over in one forum post is however, quite worrying for a non gay man …….So the big question is , are you in love with me or something ??

  6. Dear Mr, George, Yessir be gob, sure to be sure you’re rite on the ball squire allow me to apologise on behalf of me cuntree men, spud munchin egits that we are begob. Back te ewe sir for de lasht word, beggin yer pardin squire.
    Oh beggin yer pardon agin squire, the slovaks’ll have to make their own position know regardin yer sensitive disposition reagrd’in there intilligence sir.

    1. Fergus , irony is just lost on you , isn’t it ? I see you’ve set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public. Still at least you found your grandfather, having I suspect never having met your real father . As for the poor view of my hosts….Oh Christ that story another day …but which of the two hundred corruption stories would you like me to start …go on pick a subject ??

      Noel Flapper , any island people that can produce Mike Leary of Ryanair, Shaun Quinn 3 bill euro of debt and allow Patrick Bartholomew “Bertie” Ahern to be a PM in my lifetime is just validating my inherent mistrust of strangers .

  7. George, I could never see you being humble type, I wonder where you actually come from?
    Your a walking, breathing, talking and typing contradiction.
    So the next time you, Bambi and General assumption are walking in the woods with Ole Shep, looking for a HERD of Deer let me know if you find a party of deer, I would love to know what they party to. The sex pistols maybe?
    Why such a poor view of the natives of your host country, if in fact it is your host country and not your actually place of birth?
    As for the intellect of the Irish,
    My Grand father advice rings true, never get into a pissing competition with a prick, because thats all a prick is really knows!

  8. Fergus, I use to live in area just on the edge of Bratislava , but only 15 minutes by tram to the Old Town . Fine forest and rolling hills , rather than block of flat on block of flat on Block of flat, were my panoramic view, from all my main windows …

    If I walk the dog , within 5 minutes I could be in contact with a party of deer …yes Fergus, Dear Bambie .

    The 500, 000 gun comment was sourced from a General in the Slovak army, but if you like I can ask him small arms or I.C.B.M’s or maybe swiss army knives, the next time I meet him in the pub for a beer , if you would like me to be that rude .

    Sadly, the Irish, as the Slovaks get a reputation, quite incorrectly IMHO, for being thick and stupid …..I guess we have all just found why so many people make that awful assumption .

    I tawt I taw a putty tat, SPLAT, I did I did tee a putty tat 🙂

  9. It seems that something bearing the registration number NCC1701 is required to get to Georgeworld. George what does mean: the constant snap of shots echoed with gun fire mean exactly. I lived in Andersonstown for a number of years and never heard the noise or sounds you described.
    Maybe they were firecrackers you heard or you starboard warp nacelle back firing from all the guff you spout was ingested into the warp core. Live long and prosper DUDE! For again you have brighten up an otherwise dreary day.
    500,000 army type weapon? Would that be small arms or I.C.B.M’s or maybe swiss army knives.

  10. Noel, with the greatest respect ….again we do need a passport to get into Your world ?

    How is, “” I tawt I taw a putty tat, SPLAT, I did I did tee a putty tat. “” not making light of this serious situation ???

    In a matter-of-fact way, Slovak men like having guns as much as Americans do. Perhaps it enlarges their huge ego, as well as grows their pencils . On top of the uncounted sporting weapons, there may be in all 500,000 army-type weapons around in this country of only 5.5m people. That is why the Slovak Government gave up on a gun buy back scheme and prior to a law of a total ban of sporting and other guns with Joe Public , following the Devinska N.S shootings ,ie. the cost to the public purse ! On many weekends, in one residential corner of Bratislava, near the rear of my old flat the constant snap of shots echoed with gun fire .

    I cannot understand why shooting deer, wild pigs etc by anyone another than a professional Game Keeper or by a Slaughter house could ever be considered a sport . It is form of murder and for the Pencils to get their jollies off each weekend .

  11. I see nothing funny in this news item ?

    I note that since 10.40 this morning my comment , ” that position of the The current President just about sums up Slovakia and it’s people. One wonders if many Slovaks have had part of their brains removed at birth !”

    I think this just proves the point …who would think terminating a cat or dog ie someones pet with a gunshot was normal behaving ?

    Perhaps that is why so many Irish enjoy living here ?

    1. Ah George,
      Having read the article and the comment made Fergus, including your comment, I think you missed Fergus’ point. I do not think Fergus condones killing pets, nor does it look like he agrees with ‘vanoicidal’ kitty killers.
      I agree with shooting animals who endanger livestock, though, as pet owners should act responsibly and control their animals at all times.
      How many idiotic pet owners have allowed their animals to kill not only livestock but in fact other pets and most importantly HUMANS. As a licensed holder of firearms and a member of the countryside alliance, I firmly abhor the senseless killing of animals. People who hunt should use the animals they kill. Animals should not be killed senselessly. Anyone who pops off a few rounds at pets are idiots. Personally I use my guns for Olympic trap, sporting and D.T.L , all of which do not include live animals.
      Furthermore, I cannot see any licensed person “loosing off a few” in a suburban environment. Leaving pets aside, any person doing this should face imprisonment.

  12. I can understand people shooting dogs who worry Livestock etc but cats, come on. Furthermore, there are strict access rules, guideline and even laws pertaining to hunting area’s.
    Is that an Irish cat in the picture?
    I wonder do the new measures also include “White Van Man ”
    I tawt I taw a putty tat, SPLAT, I did I did tee a putty tat.

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