CCTV Catches Police Watching Lawyer Beaten Up

Two police officers are to undergo disciplinary proceedings after they stood back and watched a lawyer be beaten up in the village of Zemianske Sady early on Sunday morning.

photo (c) Yumi Kimura

According to TV Joj, a gang of men had shown up to settle a score with someone and so were creating a fuss outside at 5 a.m., but they then turned on the lawyer from Bratislava who was complaining to them about the noise.

Witnesses say the two police officers were on first name terms with the attackers and greeted them with handshakes. They then just watched as the men violently beat the lawyer up, and just let them walk away afterwards.

The Inspectorate of the Ministry of Interior will now investigate the case and the men will probably be dismissed as the whole incident was caught on CCTV that was set up in the street. The video can be seen here.

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