Celtic Settlement Unearthed at Bratislava Castle

As part of the project to build underground parking spaces at Bratislava Castle, excavation work has uncovered part of an ancient Celtic settlement, which till now had been concealed under the terraces of the castle.

Bratislava Castle (c) TheDaily.SK

Archaeologists have made all sorts of discoveries at the site from the 1st century BC, daily Pravda reports, including ancient kilns that they would use to steel their weapons and other artifacts.

The remains of the defensive settlement found at the site are some of the oldest known in Central Europe. The structures are also littered with Roman influence, including an ampitheater, with Roman coins, jugs and other vessels among the finds. The Celts and Romans likely had good relations with each other, especially in terms of trade.

Once digging work is finished for the underground parking, the items will be exhibited in Bratislava Castle. Complete reconstruction of the areas surrounding the castle should be complete by 2016.


  1. “castle” my ass.

  2. Ah! So BA was originally a Celtic settlement – The Scots should demand its immediate return to their rule! It appears the Roma are not the only itinerant people currently living in Neverneverland.

    1. And what about your homeland? Should it be returned to the Celts or Romans? The Vikings perhaps?

      1. Well I have Celtic and Viking blood so I’m OK thanks. When are you lot going home to the Urals?

        1. No Roman blood? Start packing for India! You’ve been there already, you know the way.

  3. Say JB, did those Archaeologists find that old barrel that this website scrapes each day to print interesting and current news stories ……???

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