Census Reveals Rising Divorce Rate

photo (c) Tatiana Gerus

Slovakia still stands behind most other countries when it comes tot he divorce rate, but with the changing times the number of people deciding to go their own way is on the increase, with almost 3 time as many getting divorced than twenty years ago.

The population census from last year shows that the percentage of people getting divorced was now on the level of 7.6%, which is quite a hike since the last official census in 2001, when 4.3% of people had gotten divorced. The growth has been steady, with the official figures from just twenty years ago working out at 2.8%.

More people are now opting to live together out of wedlock as well, with a drop in the number of couples living in wedlock from 44.9% in 2001 to around 41% in last year’s census.


  1. Dave, of course we can’t take those figures as the precise indicator of values in any given country and I didn’t mention the higher divorce rates in English-speaking countries to prove that men in those countries are worse husbands. Whether we like it or not, science has proven that we’re all the same when it comes to genetics. Neither good or bad human traits can be attributed to our origin or race. And thats DNA, not my opinion.

    1. Marian , is just your English that makes me think you talk total gibberish and gobbledegook, or the fact your DNA is Slovak ?

      Answers on postcard please to George, PO Box GM , The Daily etc

      1. Rather than click the Reply button without thinking, you’d better google some science journals first. You might learn that we’re now in the 21st century and that “data from many sources have shown that humans are genetically homogeneous and that genetic variation tends to be shared widely among populations.” (http://www.nature.com/ng/journal/v36/n11s/full/ng1435.html)

        I must also draw your attention to the fact that “all humans are over 99.9 percent similar at the molecular level, a discovery that supports the social rather than genetic character of racial categories”. (http://scienceprogress.org/2009/06/the-color-of-our-genes/)

        I don’t expect, though, that reading these journals will prevent you from posting the same rubbish under every article on this site, because it’s not logic or research that makes you write those silly comments. It’s the fact that you like attention and this is probably the only way you’re able to attract it.

  2. ~~~assumed payment for the lady’s company is easier to cope with than addressing the reasons for their own lack of success with the opposite sex.~~~

    Oh Dave Crawford, how eloquently put …I must get my Mills & Boon books out again . A good friend of mine and his wife are divorcing here in Slovakia. It is actually quite amicable and they have live with different partners now for two years . The Judge is demanding they both see a Psychologist …just to make sure they are ready !!!

    It would appear the Judge , a man, is devout RC and of course the State by Law has a duty to care for you, even socialism ended 20 years ago !

    1. Thanks George M. It would appear your friend and his wife became part of that famous SK routine – lets give our family/friends work at the tax payers expense. A friend of ours who had been hospitalised three times in a period of six months by her then husband was forced to make a number of visits to a psychologist appointed by the court – Note, she had to, not her husband. It turned out that the Psycho was the judges’ wife working under her maiden name! – need I say more!

  3. Dope and Slovak pigs contradicts 3 and 4, or does George have special dispensation to infringe

    1. We have realised that there is no way to stop the immaturity or personal attacks taking place here unless I cancel the accounts of the people doing it recurringly. We don’t want to delete comments or cancel accounts. We hope that people can have an intelligent conversation without being personally abusive to each other. Still living in hope.

      1. John, you must’ve noticed that some people are doing it recurringly. True, arrogant users generate traffic to your site through their hate comments producing fiery discussions. More traffic means more ad impressions, but you could end up running a war field instead of a news website. I mean how many of the comments above are about rising divorce rates.

        1. Well this is fun …..Mr Marion and ~~~~~She would have to be very desparate to marry someone like you and she would most likely not even get better off financially.~~~~~

          Not a hate comment then , just your humble opinion ?….Just full of bulshite and pot , kettle black Mr Marion Slovak . Not real surprise there !

          1. I didn’t say that based on your colour, race, religion or ethnic origin (which could be categorised as hate crime in some countries). I said that based on your personality.

        2. yes Marian. I believe in freedom of speech as much as possible, and I can’t control the immaturity and arrogance of others, but I will rethink my approach to idiotic comments in future.

      2. Didn`t the Fannel , ie Noel Flannery, Writer , once of the Daily ,say a well aimed boot in a readers comment was worth a stack of gold …in his view ?

        Is it my fault most of the other contributors cannot hit a barn door , when it comes to their aim ?

    2. Smug Alec has spoken ….again , all bow to Smug Alec and his Law.

      I guess you have never read Animal Farm , George Orwell ? Sadly, there are a few ignoramus, even among those who consider themselves educated as does Smug Alec .

  4. God help us, now the sperm thinks he is O.B.1 and Frank ifield ….

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  6. ‘I make grammar and spelling error(s) a deliberate feature of all my posts . It makes people re read the comment’

    Really?? Based on what?? To me it just makes you look like an uneducated buffoon.

    ‘Matt, you got an F in your English test’

    ‘Yes mother but I did it on purpose to make the teacher read it twice and to show him how much more intelligent than him I am’

    Back to bed son

    1. Based on the fact old Duck , that there are smug little sperm ( what a great word BG ) , that have to pretend to be Mr Self Important Grammar Police on every web forum. Sadly, there really is no cure for your kind of stupidity .

      BTW. That O.U degree, you make claim you are really expecting , is perhaps three or more years away. Delusional, as well as suffering from stupidity .

      1. Go to bed George!! No bedtime story tonight.

  7. Dickionary – BRILLIANT! Combining anatomical parts with real words – the sign of a true genius. Learn that at Medical School did you?? ūüėČ

  8. Priceless and to be sure, an Irishman sperm, trying to correct written English . This is a web forum BTW , not a Dickionary club ….

  9. Quote George M ‘Log MATE , you are not even funny, you`re a Slovak that is uncultured, uneducated’

    Just to point out MATE – that should read ‘you’re a Slovak WHO is uncultured’…….

    Don’t want to commit grammar fraud too now do we?

    1. Donal Duck Greene, as I have stated many,many times before , I make grammar and spelling error(s) a deliberate feature of all my posts . It makes people re read the comment , rather than pass it over and ignore it, as expect most people do with your own boring ramblings . It also makes the utter cretins who like to point my deliberate errors out, feel all warm and smug inside .

      Not the brightest of buttons are we Donal ?

  10. Actually Losgar, I believe you will find that George said he was `paid to feed the chimps` ..not that the Editor paid him to comment. The Editor knows who I am BTW, as my email has my real and entire name, when I submit a comment .

    Everyone on the web forum lies ….QED. I bet you really have a manhood the size of a pea , no ?

    1. He said editor. To what BJ posted a comment like: “It’s not true!! We don’t know that idiot!!”
      Well, something like that.

  11. Whine and moan and complain life is so unfair , logo you are what you are …Slovak

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    1. Got it. So words like dick and pussy are alright if I aim them at a large group of people, preferably Slovaks.
      But if I say that George M. has a small dick I am attacking somebody personally?
      Can I say that probably all George Ms have small dicks?

    2. George M wrote some time ago that the editor pays him to write his comments.
      And The Big Gay wrote that the editor knew his identity a few days ago.
      Is it true?
      If not is it OK to lie but it’s not OK to call the liars liars?

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    1. I got it. I’m all un-thingy man.

      You are lucky you know BJ, if I wrote all those things I would be deleted. You know why? Because it’s against the rules No.2, 3 and 4.

  14. Well said Losgar. The reason they deleted your mail was twofold. Firstly it was funny and secondly it was true. Post it again so other people can enjoy it.

    1. I think it was funny and I used the same vocabulary that George had used.
      Double standards, I guess.

  15. MATE , you`re an embarrassment to the fellow students at the Open University …..

    However, did you ever pass the entrance exam ?

  16. George Matthew….. You seem to have nailed the stereotype very well….. Have you seen the Rytmus video (Zlatekopky)

    1. Coffee time and a cake…..and I see our resident Greene Leprechaun is into I spy guessing games …what next I ask myself , Bernard Mathews , George Michael ????

      BG, throw your MATE a peanut eh ?

  17. What dis you expect ? Slovak Ladies now have a choice of a, well educated, well traveled, gentlemanly, generous and well employed Foreigner or expat ..or be lumbered with a sticky out eared, bald, mean and pig ignorant local lad, who must drive his Audi or 4×4 like a total cretin, to make his dick grow longer .

    It`s a no brainer !

    1. No matter how many hate comments you will write on this site (without getting deleted), Slovak men will still have the prettiest women in the world. And if they should get divorced, they will usually find a Slovak man again. Very rarely do they get married to a foreigner. If they still do, its probably to a man that shows extraordinary qaualities (or has enough money in his pocket = Zlatokopky). She would have to be very desparate to marry someone like you and she would most likely not even get better off financially. Slovak women are not stupid.

      1. Marian, what a dope you are . Every Slovak woman I meet , wants love, security and a better life as normal life ! I find those that are ACTUALLY happy being married to a Slovak guy, are an awful lot fewer than I ever imagined .

        Most I meet think their guy is a waste of space . Woman here are ambitious and find the local Pigs , rude, uncaring , loud drunks , lazy and work shy . They are arrogant and dont think they should assist around the home, or with the kids …after all they these men have `their career`, to worry about and earning less than 1000 euro a month ???

        The comments I write on this site without getting deleted are because they all ring true and God forgive that a Slovak man would like to hear what his own woman actually think of them . If do they get married to a foreigner it is because they …….go and find one , and because they KNOW these men have extraordinary qualities .

        No, Slovak women are not stupid …just the local Slovak pigs .

        1. When you mention foreign men with extraordinary qualities, you probably mean someone who is able to keep his wife. Interestingly, English-speaking countries like USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Canada are amongst the top ten countries with highest divorce rates in the world (source: http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/peo_div_rat-people-divorce-rate). Is it the good education, gentlemanly manners or generousity of these men that makes their wives file for divorce?

          1. I think you are assuming that the wife is the one doing the divorce filing ….these countries are also not run by people being 50 years behind the times of life and the narrow minded Catholic church .

            Secondly , most divorces don`t happen in Slovakia , because neither party can afford the divorce and live apart . If your home salary was less than a 1000 euro a month , would you divorce ? Second I am stunned by the number of unmarried mothers or single woman parents in Slovakia . I guess if the guy does a bunk after the birth and does not marry the girl, the divorce rates will be a lot less . That seems to quite common here ?

          2. Marian, you rightly point out that divorce rates in those countries you mentioned are amongst the highest in the world, however, you failed to mention that those countries also have the most simple divorce procedures. The biggest barrier to divorce in Slovakia is your legal system. For example, a woman who has been abused or has discovered that her partner is “playing away” and has no income or money of her own, has to use the court system, appoint a lawyer, present evidence and witnesses, can not get adequate Legal Aid and be subjected to an open court hearing. Her future is then decided by the judge, who may or may not be biased either through his or her gender, upbringing, family history or religious convictions. If the court does not grant her a divorce, she knows that what awaits her will be far worse than what she has had to endure in the past.
            In my experience, from conversations I have had with a number of SK women, many would like a divorce but because the tables are stacked against them in so many ways they have to stay in relationships that make their lives a misery. If the divorce system was less protracted and simple, the rate would rise, without doubt.
            George M is correct in some of his comments, most of the SK women I have spoken to, especially the more educated ones, have a very low opinion of some of their menfolk who do not like strong minded, independent, intelligent women.
            It is a sad fact that many, underachieving, character flawed, Slovak men respond to seeing a Slovak girl or girls in the company of a foriegner by calling them prostitutes and whores. This apparently provides them with some comfort because the assumed payment for the lady’s company is easier to cope with than addressing the reasons for their own lack of success with the opposite sex.

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