Centes Takes President to Constitutional Court

The legitimately elected candidate for the post of Attorney General, Jozef Centes, is taking President Ivan Gasparovic to court as the President has still not appointed him to the post five months after he was voted in.

Attorney General's Office - no head since February (c) The Daily

Centes has filed a petition with the Constitutional Court claiming that his rights have been violated as President Gasparovic has still not appointed him to this crucial post, even though parliament voted him into the post on 17 June in a blind ballot.

The President’s first excuse was that he had to wait on a ruling from the Constitutional Court on whether the vote was constitutional or not. This eventually came on 5 October, ruling that the vote had been in line with the constitution, but as the President is not subject to any time limit for appointing Centes, he still hasn’t done it.

Following the downfall of the current government two weeks later, the President classed the issue as “tertiary”, and so it would not be getting his attention in the foreseeable future. Gasparovic might keep up the game till the early elections in March 2012, but Centes’ is hoping the Constitutional Court will force him to take action before then.

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