CEZ Starts Supplying to Households Today

Czech energy giant CEZ announced the start of its services as electricity and gas supplier to households in Slovakia in January of this year, and after signing some 35,000 contracts it will begin supplying to its first 10,000 or so customers in this segment as of today.

photo (c) James Riden

At a press conference yesterday, director of the Slovak subsidiary CEZ Slovakia, Igor Nagy, expressed the company’s satisfaction with how things are going, as it had managed to gain around 300 new clients a day since it launched its campaign.

CEZ Slovakia is competing for the household segment of gas supplies with dominant player SPP, energy giant RWE and s small Czech company Lama Investments, which boasts its own gas sources. On the electricity market, the company has more competition, but is confident about getting a good market share there also, thanks also to the offer of special discounts.

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