Chainsaw Maniac Attacks Pub in East Slovakia

The village of Rusky Hrabovec in East Slovakia was like a scene from the Texas Chainsaw Massacres on Saturday evening when  24-yr old Peter chainsawed through the door of a local pub before chasing the customers with his weapon.

photo (c) Erin Kohlenberg

The trouble started when he started attacking and being verbally abusive to others in the bar. What would happen next would shock everyone, though. He went outside and started up his chainsaw, cut through the pub doors and started chasing pub patrons with it around the car park outside.

After he ran out of petrol, he grabbed a chair from the bar and attacked a nearby parked car with it. He now faces charges of disorderly conduct and damage to alien property, with a possible three-year sentence hanging over his head.

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  1. HIV Blooded perhaps ????

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