Charter Holiday Flights to go from Sliac Airport

Charter flights will start going again from Sliac military airport to the likes of Turkey and Bulgaria this week, following completion of over two years of reconstruction work.

photo: Airport Sliac

The renovation of the airport was partly financed by NATO thanks to the military use of the airport, but is has a non-military area that deals with commercial flights. These mostly consist of chartered flights to holiday destinations like Antalya in Turkey and Burgas in Bulgaria, according to TASR newswire.



  1. Excellent , lets spend millions of euro on a lump of concrete that the odd one of three Slovak fighter jets ( when they can afford the fuel ) can sometimes land on …..but what exactly is the grand super Plan for this Central Slovak airport ??

    Charter flight , One air show and motor bike drag racing perhaps ( just for you Moel to have something relevant to write about ) ???

    1. ūüėõ

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