Chelsea Hoping To Snatch Marek Hamsik

As the football club transfer window is about to slam shut tomorrow, there is talk of Chelsea trying to wrench Slovak national team captain Marek Hamsik from his beloved SSC Napoli, where he has been since 2007.


Slovak captain Marek Hamsik (c) Steindy

Chelsea made a EUR 14 million bid for Hamsik already back in 2008, but Napoli coach Aurelio De Laurentiis has been refusing to trade his star Slovak striker for years. Chelsea are on the hunt for a playmaker like Hamsik, but they have their eye also on Luka Modric from Tottenham, but the team doesn’t want to let him go.

There has also been talk of Hamsik going to AC Milan, but everything is still mere speculation until the last minute of the transfer window shutting in this tactical game of chess as teams jostle for new players.

The price tag for Hamsik could be in the range of £ 35 million, so even Napoli coach Laurentiis might be enticed by it, although he did say back in September 2010 that he wouldn’t let Hamsik go for even EUR 50 million.


  1. Krak, the people that are pricing Hamster are idiots ….and are trying to sell him, by wishing up the price to make a sale .

    Hamsik is a journeyman footballer, limited talent , that plays for a third rate club in Italy …he is their only asset and they believe they can make a huge profit on a sale .

  2. I don’t think Hamsik is that good to be honest, and there’s been a lot of ths sort of speculation about him before which has come to nothing. There are plenty peddling it, not just Sport and Novy Cas.

    Still, when there’s a transfer window about to close and clubs with money to spend are getting desperate for a player to fill a certain role, they may pay over the odds.

    Whether Hamsik goes or stays, word is he might well be injured for Friday’s game in Dublin. If so, could be interesting to see how Slovakia do without him.

  3. :-)))))) lol

    the only connection Hamsik has with football is that he looks like ‘Wilson’ the football from Castaway… the movie with Tom Hanks!!!

    He thinks he is Becham, the guys a geek, and as far as football goes!!! who the hell wrote that article in the first place!! 35 million SVK krones but really no chance of 35 Million pounds :-))) was this just a gap fill article!! couldnt find anything new/news 🙂

    If anyone pay 35 mill for any slovak player as George M say… it would only be a miss print!!!

    1. I read between the lines.. only “English” players are amazing right? Hamsik is actually a very good player and people pricing him are probably not idiots… but it remains to be seen if premiere league football would suite him. Btw there’s no Slovak crown anymore, they have euros. Sterling is also not worth much more than euros these days.. so I would not really mention that

  4. Where did you get this load of old made up rubbish from John , the Slovak Sport or the Novy Cas …papers with nothing to report about Slovak players in the transfer window ??

    Nap want 35m , mmmmmm they wish ….for a team with no money, and a for a player with no brain, or real extra ‘X’ factor talent , 14m was a great offer three years ago

    I have yet to see what all the hub hub about Hamsik, is all about and it appears his reputation is based on his silly, coloured, mohawk hair styles, rather than his prowess at football .

    I note with interest , noone from the Premier league or anywhere else to that matter , has come in with offers for any of the Slovak hero’s of Europa football ….Slovan ……perhaps I was the not the only one watching these comedians play .

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