Chief of police Spisiak will investigate Gazprom, s.r.o.

Chief of Police, Jaroslav Spisiak, has said the police will investigate the company Gazprom, s.r.o. due to the fact that the company, which was registered a week ago on 11 August, has a massive share capital of EUR 500 million (EUR 150 million already paid up). Spisiak announced that the financial police would be looking into the matter, as the company’s share capital is higher than even the two largest car manufacturers in Slovakia.

The other strange thing is that it takes its name from Russian gas giant Gazprom, but the Russian company has already announced that is has nothing to do with it, saying it is abuse of its brand.
Gazprom, s.r.o. is officially owned by Malta-based company Marica Limited (75% stake) and Priemyselny park Partizanske (25%), and it has its registered office on SNP Square in Bratislava, but there is no sign of the mysterious company there, and nobody had ever heard of it or its owners. Companies based in Malta are not obliged to publish their information, and all that is known about Priemyselny park Partizanske is that it is owned by Mr. Patrik Hricišák.

Russian business daily Kommersant had previously accused former PM Robert Fico of having a hand in the company, based on information from an unnamed source (said to be involved in the Slovak gas industry). The source claimed that Fico’s money is apparently involved in the shareholder Priemyselny park Partizanske, but the newspaper Kommersant admitted that the information had not been substantiated.

Robert Fico totally rejects the report of the Russian daily that he has financed the company Priemyselny park Partizanske. Party spokeswoman Silvia Glendova said in his name: “The information is utter nonsense”.

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