Chren steps down with clear conscience and dignity

State secretary with the Ministry of Economy, Martin Chren, announced his departure from the post today, stating personal reasons for the move. He will now act as an MP and an unpaid advisor to economy minister Juraj Miskov.

At a special press conference attended by Chren and economy minister Miskov, Chren explained that the move was entirely his own decision, that there were absolutely no hidden reasons or agreements behind it. He said he had informed minister Miskov and head of his party SaS Richard Sulik about his plans some time ago.

There were speculations that Chren was leaving because of the so-called Hayek Affair or other affairs surrounding Kosice heating company TEKO, but he refuted outright such speculations, much to the disappointment of journalists, who were hoping for some juicy hidden reason.

Chren refused to answer the question on whether health reasons were behind the move, saying he would not answer a question of such a personal nature. He did say, though, that he would now be happy to make it home before 9pm sometimes, because the duties of state secretary tend to be more time-demanding than those of an MP.

Chren held the post for 7 months, in which time he said they had prepared many good legislative changes and norms, economic analyses and the groundwork for investments that would soon come to fruition.

Chren decided to stay on as an advisor to the Ministry of Economy at the request of minister Miskov. The work of advisor is unpaid and carries no perks such as ministry car, secretary etc. Chren will concentrate on improving the business environment.

Chren said he feels more liberated now and thanked especially Juraj (minister Miskov) for all he had done, while praising him as the best economy minister Slovakia has ever had.

In concluding, Chren said in his 7 months in the job, he had never made any decision that was for his own benefit.

On the subject of severance pay, Chren was informed that it was his obligation to take the EUR 3,600 owed to him, but that he would donate it to children’s homes or some similar charity. He said he would not use it to buy some expensive ‘social democratic’ watch, making hidden reference to the highly expensive watch worn by former PM Robert Fico.

Chren will continue to be state secretary until his resignation is presented to the next government session, after which it will become official. Minister Juraj Miskov says they still have no replacement for Chren and that it will be difficult to find someone of his caliber and quality.

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