Christian Democrats Rally for Anti-Gay Constitution

The Christian Democratic Party (KDH) is trying to exercise what it presumably regards as ‘anti-gay rights’ by establishing an exact definition of marriage in the Slovak Constitution as a union of a man and a woman only, and so will submit a proposal for the change to parliament in March.

KDH Presidential candidate Pavol Hrusovsky with KDH party head Jan Figel (c) John Boyd, The Daily.SK

The news was announced at a press conference today given by party chairman Jan Figel, who noted how the change would not actually change the legal status at present anyway. Specifically, the KDH party wants the Constitution to include the definition as “Marriage is a unique union of one man and one woman. The Slovak Republic universally protects marriage and promotes its benefit.”

The opposition KDH party will therefore be rallying for support among MPs to get the required 90 votes from 150 in parliament to pass the constitutional amendment (not possible without some MPs from the governing Smer-SD party). At present the Constitution only mentions that “marriage, parenthood and family are subject to protection under the law”, with no specification of what a marital union represents.

In his argumentation, Figel pointed out that the revision would merely stabilise the current status quo (admitting that it would constitutionally prevent same-sex marriages) and combat to what he referred to as “current trends”, apparently hoping homosexuality will suddenly disappear as people find new trends.

To show that Slovakia would be no exception if the revision were passed, Figel pointed to Poland, Latvia and Hungary, which all have similarly defined arrangements. Head of the Most Hid party, Bela Bugar, has already given his support to the change, among others.


  1. Have these windbags got nothing better to do! Instead of peddling this rubbish, they could show there true Christian credentials, by setting about enacting the 8th & 9th Commandment, and legislating harsh penalties for public officials who break them… But oh no!

    1. Slim, amuse me ? How many gay guys do you actually know ?

  2. One last question.
    What if you are a gay Christian?

    1. Actually Jesus said nothing about gays in the Bible, just the Divorce of a man and a woman ( six times ) and he was against . Funny but the RC church tend to ignore those facts and when 50% of the congregation are divorcies .

      Perhaps Jesus was gay ?

      1. Quite right George, non of the 15 or so different “Bibles” in use by differing sects say anything about “gays”. Then again the good book used by the RC church says nothing about Baptisms, Weddings, Confirmations, Confessions or Burial services being the reserve of the church. They, like the “state of purgatory”, are all money spinning inventions of the church. The “rules” laid down were established to secure the church’s control over the population and a healthy income – it is still possible in some countries to buy a “pardon for sins” from your local priest so as to ensure your safe passage to the Pearly Gates!
        Point to note about the Good Book, it is an edited collection of SOME of the ancient scriptures with each version including or excluding those that don’t fit that particular church’s business plan. The teachings of the RC church are mainly based on Papal Decrees and we all remember the wonderful things that such edicts produced in the past – the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Slaughter of the Cathars, persectutions of the Protestants, wholesale genocide, child abduction, the Castrati, etc. Nice to see nothing has changed!

  3. another pathetic day at work for politicians, isn`t it? so figel thinks being gay is a “trend”…???? why not try it for himself for a day, to date a man and see what he thinks, cos if it is a trend you must be able to choose to be gay… let him CHOOSE just for that one day and i`d like to see what he says!!! omg if it`s so very difficult for him to accept that people of same sex love each other and find same sex attractive, why can`t they AT LEAST give them the uk option of common law??? however hard it is for me to understand, at least give them common law partnership so if anything happens the other person has a share of life they built with their partner!!! it`s disgusting that at this day and age somebody cannot accept something as human as gay and would want to deprive people of having the same right as others!! this is pure discrimination and i thought the the stone age was over!! luci

    1. Well there`s a turn up for the book ? Mr Neo nazi, ultra conservative Ian Mc, nowsupporting the LGBT community?. Whatever happened ??

      Are we suddenly into a new hobby of fisting for 2014 ?

    2. Well written, Ian.
      It scares to me to see a trend similar to what is going on in Russia.
      Does this mean the GLBT will be thrown in the closet or harmed?
      In 2014, Slovakia seems more like Uganda when it comes to GLBT rights.
      Very sad and unacceptable. May the sheep become fox and make their voices heard. No wonder there is no forward motion in SR. Everyone is tied down and forced to follow the leader — I just got chills.

      1. ~~~Everyone is tied down and forced to follow the leader — I just got chills.~~~ ……………………….Kinky 😉

        BTW, Chills ???? Have a HIV test Mr Door Mat

        1. Georgie. I have never put kinky and Slovakia in the same thought…
          Am I missing something?

          Clean boy here proud to say. But I do wonder how those deal with the stigma in this society or is it shoved in the closet as well? You never hear anything.

          1. ~~~Am I missing something? ~~~

            Perhaps a lift that reaches the top floor ?

            As for the clean boy claim? Really ? Mat tell me, when was the last time you had swab taken of your J T to test for one of those nasty social growths or sores ?

            Oh Gosh, I suddenly have a chill .

  4. Can Slovakia take anymore steps back in time? Such stupidity and ignorance with the GLBT community that make up 10-20% of any society.
    Do they want to pray the gay away? Will not allowing tax-paying GLBT citizens to live as they please or marry if they wish, make Slovakia a better place.
    I think not.
    There are much bigger problems in Slovakia. Corruption, dreadful salaries, questionable healthcare and a future that keeps going back in time.
    KDH seriously has no idea of what real issues are in this country and should crawl back under their rocks and take their closet-case ideas with them.

  5. I am just wondering how much further Fig can crawl up the Pope`s welcoming backside here? Why are the RC church so worried about LGBT is beyond me as it none of there business how I live , me being a non religious person and I am not seeing them bring in a new Law to beastify Priest that shag members of their church …being kids or the female members of the congregation .

    On a funnier note , driving into BA as I do each day, I see the huge roadside posters of `President is for me` adverts for Bob Fico. The Bob face photo is nicely airbrushed out and ofcourse, he does not have those panda black eyes and no longer the unshaven designer stubble as he wear anormal at his press conference , to be a manly man …..and is looking around 30 years of age not his aging 50 …

    Anyhow some wag artist has turned him in a poster to Hitler and another has him shagging some naked woman.

    What comes around goes around I guess ?

  6. It’s nice to see the KDH getting to grips with the real problems in Slovakia! If, as in many countries, gay partners were described as entering into a civil partnership rather than the media inspired “marriage” the zealots would be appeased. Lets face it, none of the mainstream churches in Slovakia are going to perform same sex religious marriage ceremonies and the civil registrars are not going to use the standard “wedding vows” so what’s the problem. The whole point of the LGBT arguement is to afford the same legal status and protection to a gay couple as enjoyed by a “normal” married couple which seems perfectly fair to me.

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