Bratislava To Launch City Bike System

Getting around Bratislava could become easier in the neat future as the city plans to make a project similar to the Vienna system of bike rental, reports SITA newswire.

Street transport (c) The Daily

The idea is to be discussed by the City Council next week, which will then make a call for proposals and select the best system for renting out the new city bikes. City Hall spokesman Lubomir Andrassy pointed to how the system could relieve traffic congestion in the city , also because it is the easiest way for people to go from one part of the city to another.

Andrassy said the rental could cost as little as EUR 1 per hour, while admitting that it was too soon to talk about price. The system will work the same as the one in Vienna and other cities, where bikes are taken and returned to stations located throughout the city.

The city wants the system to be as simple as possible for people to use and it should carry out the project in co-operation with a private partner with the launch possibly this year already.


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