Citython 2022 Žilina – hybrid event (April 29, 2022)

Do you have an idea of what will change the future of our cities? Are you excited about tackling urban challenges? This event is for you!

This hybrid (in person and online) Citython edition will be held in the city of Žilina, Slovakia, and is focused on smart mobility, in the context of climate resilient cities, public engagement and extreme weather and humanitarian emergencies. The goal of this Citython is that young professionals search for innovative and creative solutions that can be applied in the city of Žilina to foster innovation.

This hackathon will provide an opportunity for brilliant young talents to create their works with the help of mentors and experts, who will be on hand throughout the event, while also experiencing the unforgettable thrill of coming together with peers who share the same passion for digital technology and innovation.

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