Coach Weiss Swears at Reporter After Defeat

Following a 1-0 defeat at home against Russia on Friday, the Slovak football team looks set to be knocked out of EURO 2012 in the qualifying round, and coach Vladimir Weiss broke under the pressure at a press conference.

Vladimir Weiss lost his cool (c) Майоров Владимир

At the press conference following the match, a reporter from asked Weiss if he thought the next game against Macedonia would be his last in the job. Obviously perturbed by the question, Weiss asked why it would be and what the reporter thought. The reporter then replied that his opinion was irrelevant and that it was how Weiss felt that counted.

Weiss became hostile to the reporter before standing up and storming out of the press conference.

On his way out the highly disappointed looking coach lost his decorum and swore at the reporter, saying something along the lines of “I still have two years on my contract. You will still have enough trouble with me, you prick”!



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