Coalition agrees on Attorney General candidate

Dzurinda maybe not happy with choice (c) John Boyd

Following weeks of friction, the four-party coalition has finally agreed on a common candidate for the post of Attorney General, which will be freed up at the beginning of February 2011.

PM Iveta Radicova announced that the four parties had agreed on the nomination of Jozef Centes, who is deputy head of the Penal Section at the Attorney General’s Office. Talks went on all day up to the last minute as the coalition had to put forward its nomination(s) by 6pm, and they did so at 5.50.

All the heads of coalition caucuses expressed their unanimous agreement with Centes as a common candidate. He will now compete in a blind ballot set for 2 December with opposition-backed Dobroslav Trnka, who has held the post for 7 years.

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