Coalition rewrites election legislation

photo (c) The Daily

The Coalition Council had a meeting yesterday, at which the heads of respective coalition parties agreed on several fundamental issues concerning election legislation.

One of the agreements is to unify all five kinds of elections in Slovakia so that they are all subject to the same conditions and procedures, i.e. deadlines, supervision, moratorium and so on. The government is also going to lift the restriction on the funding of election campaigns, replacing it instead with strict audits of how much was spent for the sake of checking the origin of funds.

Something that will not please some politicians, though, is abolition of the subsidy given to parties for each MP mandate they gain. At present this special subsidy is afforded to those parties that make it into parliament, and so works out at quite a handsome amount for the bigger parties.

So-called ‘vote buying’ will now be classed as a crime, while voting will now become possible via the internet.  THe establishment of a Central Election Committee is also planned.

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