Coalition stuck with dual citizenship worries

After the coalition crumbled in parliament yesterday over the Citizenship Act debate, the four parties agreed to deal with the law in the standard legislative way.

Orban's law splits Slovak government

The proposal comes from Most-Hid party of Bela Bugar, which is feeling almost betrayed at the moment and has decided to block legislation by not voting in parliament at all.

On the subject, Prime Minister Iveta Radicova said the basic question was whether they could “produce a law that is in reaction to a law in another country”, noting that a compromise would have to be made, while standing by her belief that the best way to handle the situation would be to have a bilateral agreement with Hungary.

The government failed to push through its agreed draft after 2 coalition MPs (Igor Matovic and Radoslav Prochadzka) voted on the side of the opposition, meaning their petition for a revision proposal was accepted. Matovic was slung out of the SaS party caucus for his actions, while Prochadzka’s KDH party stands by their man.

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