Collection for Refugees and Veganske Hody, 5 Sep

Dear friends, we are a group of volunteers and friends that have decided to do something concrete for the people in need. That is why we are organizing this non-financial collection for people in Hungarian and Austrian refugee camps. We also monitor the situation on the Budapest train station and in case of need we will also allocate a part of the collection there. If you need any detailed information, we are happy to answer any of your questions at the Vegánske hody event or here at the event´s page. Below you can find all relevant information about the place and time of the collection as well as info on which items are needed.

Where you can contribute?

On September 5th at Námestie slobody (Freedom square) in Bratislava during the event Vegánske hody

How can you contribute?

We only accept material donations, not financial ones. If you would like to contribute, but you don’t have anything appropriate at home, feel free to contact us about any other options. Below is a list of items that are most needed in the camps, please do not bring everything what you find at home. If you have any doubts, just please ask, we are happy to help you. It can also happen that we won’t be able to accept everything brought by you; our capacities are limited, so please bear in mind the fact that only the specified items are primarily needed.

What will help? 
– Hygiene 
o toilet paper
o shower gels, shampoos, soaps, antibacterial gels
o toothbrushes and pastes
o sanitary pads (NOT tampons)
o deodorants
o Single-use razors, shaving foam
o tissues, wet wipes
o creams
o Washing powder
o plasters, bandages, disinfection sprays

– Clothes and shoes
Only clean and of practical use
o T-shirts, trousers (long, or shorts above knees)
o Underwear (news) and socks
o Jumpers, sweatshirts and waterproof jackets
o Belts
o Trainers, closed waterproof shoes


o Long trousers and long skirts
o Underwear (new), socks, tights, leggings
o Shirts with long sleeves, jumpers, sweatshirts, waterproof jackets
o Headscarves and scarves
o Trainers, closed waterproof shoes

– Kids
o Clothes and shoes for kids aged 0 – 13 (suitable also for colder weather and rain)
o Hygienic stuff for children: single-use diapers, creams, dusting powders, soaps, wet wipes
o pushchairs and carriers
o baby bottles and dummies
o baby formula, baby food

– Essentials
o Sleeping bags, isolations mats, quilts, wraps (clean)
o Towels
o bags, Rucksacks, suitcases
o Raincoats, carry bags,
o Functional mobile phones (plus chargers)
o batteries, head lamps
o kettles, heating spirals
o camping dishes and utensils, plastic cutlery, can openers

– Food
Only durable goods and due to capacity reasons only limited amounts
o Canned food: beans, chickpeas, peas, sweet corn, fruit, canned fish (tuna, sardine..)
o Instant porridge
o Dried fruits and nuts
o Packed biscuits, musli bars, packed sweet bakery
o salty crackers
o Baby-juices
o Vegan spreads (eg. AlfaBio)
o Nutella, jams

– For joy
o colouring books, colours, pencils, colour chalks, balls, toys for children
o backgammon and chess
o cosmetics for women

All donated items should be clean and functional. Thank you!

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