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Comments Policy: Letter from the Editor

Dear readers, accounting for the many insulting and defamatory statements made by people while commenting on TheDaily.sk recently, I’d like to raise the topic for discussion and to draw your attention to the new Comments Policy applicable from today.

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Our website welcomes your comments, as it is intended also to be a community website for foreigners living or interested in Slovakia, so they can share their opinions, activities and experiences in the country. The comments should be relative to the article you are commenting on, and it is not supposed to be a channel to insult or degrade other people who post comments, or whole nations.

I have spoken at length about the issue with many readers, and the general consensus is to allow comments to go up uncensored or unblocked, but overall that is with the assumption of people showing a certain level of decency. Many people have expressed the opinion that the comments make interesting reading, but others are a bit shocked at how indecent and insensitive some people can be. Thankfully, most people are intelligent enough to see that it is the problem of the person commenting and understand that TheDaily is not responsible for these people.

Not everyone using the site respects certain unwritten principles of decency and so comments often stray from the subject of the article, turning instead into a war of insults between people who don’t even know each other in real life, and who hide behind false names.

This is a worldwide problem not specific to The Daily websites, with website and blog owners facing the dilemma of where to draw the line and what to edit or censor. I recently received an email from someone who holds me, as editor in chief, personally responsible for allowing what he called “provocative and racist” comments to be posted on the site, with the message that he would no longer refer people to the site (and that was from a friend).

Another issue the disgruntled reader brought up was that comments were supposed to be anonymous. The complete opposite is true, however, as we encourage people to be honest about their identity when commenting, and so be more selective in the language they use or opinions they express, but naturally we respect the right of people if they want to keep their ID secret.

I believe we are all responsible for our own actions, attitudes, degree of decency and also comments made here, and so do not feel personally responsible for the things that other people think and say. Clearly some people have emotional or mental issues that tends to take the conversation to low levels.

So how much freedom of speech should we take away from people on The Daily, considering they are supposed to be mature and intelligent enough to behave decently? The comments are supposed to show the broad spectrum of opinions, attitudes and kinds of people reading the site, to open up constructive discussion, so we try not to impose censorship where possible.

The real issue here is possibly about freedom of speech, a privilege that is often abused here on the site. I recently spoke to an ambassador who reads TheDaily, and who is also intrigued by the comments, and supporting the non-censorship of comments, but a line has to be drawn. I would therefore welcome your opinions and feedback on the issue. Thank you.


  1. I would like to thank you all for your comments and for giving us some feedback about comments and for your support. We will be keeping better control over comments in future, and trying to eliminate all insulting personal attacks, while leaving comments as open as possible. This discussion is now closed.

  2. It seems that some people just cant stop insulting others, so maybe a zero tolerance policy is the only way to stop the personal abuse.

    1. I really don’t care, but personal attacks are just wrong, especially when they don’t know me, know us, or even know themselves. I could care less, it makes no difference in my life if someone wants to keep hacking at my legs… Do what you think is right, I honestly don’t care. I enjoy rading the articles and could care less if I can post a comment about how I feel under it…I would still read this New Site’s articles! Good work by the way JB, I do like how you keep current and you inform us all about the events happening around us.

  3. JB, I like reading the articles, I enjoy being up-to-date with what is happening around me. I don’t lke the Slovak Bashing of some, but with everything good, comes something bad! I don’t believe that the name calling, personal attacks, or insults are good for the Daily in terms of non-biased News, but this isn’t the news, it is the opinions of some of the readers, that is all, now when one person disagrees on someone’s comment or post, there is always retaliation….these retaliations are again, opinions, not facts… defamation of character comes to mind with some of the comments made by a small hand of individuals, which is considered in most countries as being a criminal offence and punishable. It is hard to stop anyone these days from not changing an ID or posting under false pretenses, there are just too many variables. One thing would be to have all people interested in commenting to have a valid mobile number that a one-time password is sent to via a text, this would limit people in having so many login and aliases. I would have no problem with providing a mobile number to keep posting. Please keep the good work up, and I am looking forward to seeing the results!

    1. What a good compliant former little communist you are Expat ….although I am not sure you are up to date with anything. But I guess in the current friendly word climate, I must it to others to judge if there actually is a light at your window Perhaps you would also be willing to accept a micro chip inserted in your head as well? I could supply the hammer ?

      You should have a chat with Mike Gogulski and he can educate you and why yours is not a great idea……….that would be a interesting meeting of minds .

      1. 1st off Mike Gogulski?? The translator?? Come on! Why the reference? Second, I am hardly a Communist or even a conformist! I have nothing to hide, so why would I care about the Daily having my phone number, which they already have anyway! You make little sence in your posts and attack anyone with a different view than yourself. Well, you aren’t the center of the world and certainly not mine, so with this said, I would invite you to try to bring your hammer anywhere near me. It is nice how you can threat without being so direct. I can be found every Mon, Wed, & Firday at the same practice field. I would love for you to join us for one night of a real game!

  4. Dying horse /or in this case rat/ keeps kicking and biting. Kill him quickly John, have mercy!

    1. Slime, you are the only one flogging a dead horse around here …Mind you, perhaps you could be invited with your gentleman friend, to appear as the panto horse at Christmas on here. Shame you would only ever make the part as the rear end ….just mind how you go Eh ?

  5. Perhaps if you stopped brow beating and growling at any critic of the website and just perhaps did not see the Daily, as your little baby to be protected and defended at all costs , you just may start to see the valid points some other readers.

    Perhaps rather than blasting out any quick defense, take a more considered view, accept staffing resources for are thin and do your best here, rather than list how informed you are via speed dial from the Press Officer of Smer, SDKU, KDH etc ? I believe you do fine job, given the resources you have at your dissposal. I think we all accept that .

    The fact is on the comments area, you did not apply your own, ridiculous, very extensive and actually unenforceable rules, fairly and unbiasedly and evenhanded, because it did not suit your own purpose and you found it a giggle to read. Now you seek to blame others for you own serious errors of the past ?

    Sorry, I find many of your current comments to me and others as not considered, unjust and disingenuous if you seriously claim to be a News Editor .

    1. My apologises for spelling and grammar errors in the last post, it sort of shot off before I had a chance to check the postage stamp area for making comments…BTW. Que Losgar to crawl from under his rock.

  6. Sorry, I cannot take lessons from someone whom I am informed stands for hours in front of a mirror, wears shoe lifts to make him taller and spends more on hair product and face cream, than I do on wine each month.

    1. I don’t believe anyone knows who or what you are talking about

      1. Well I press REPLY, perhaps the site is not working correctly ?

        Nice of you to jump in so fast and let us all know your opinion of my post 🙂

    2. George, really? just for your info, I don’t use any hair products or creams at all and wear normal shoes, so I guess your sources have the wrong guy

      1. But Tony Pap does ,or so I am informed 🙂

  7. I thought would leave it a few days before I commented further on this subject. I am however stunned that any News Editor of any credible Media, should be calling for the banning of anyone from a Website. To me it breaks every moral and code of the Press, but of course the Owner of La Voce and The Daily is not a News Person, but Joe Soap men trying to make money from outside advertising and it is purely a commercial concern, driven by the readership figure needs and based on a New Website format as a portal . There is nothing wrong in that of course …but it does place where The Daily stands in the media jungle and in some perspective .

    With respects to John Boyd, The Daily is in the main, a `cut and paste` job newspaper with a few tweaks made for copy-write litigation avoidance and all gleaned from many Slovak media daily news sources, that are already in the public domain. Has no one wondered why many of the news reports on The Daily arrive late in the afternoon or a day late?

    I guess we can however all be thankful, that John spends the time to put the Local News in English for us all to consider and all in one nice easy reading place . The readers comments area on the Daily, is just a small part of the Website, yet it appears be causing more interest and enjoys perhaps more readership, than most of the News items. Which says it all really about the quality and interest level in the news articles .

    I once ran a News Website, but mine was comedy parody of the Slovak news reports (rather like Jon Stewart and The Daily TV program on CNN ) …very few Readers actually got it . I had a pile high of email complaints about my news, the comments area etc etc mainly from Slovaks and expat Slovaks. I even two policeman appear at my door, as some daft Slovak guy had reported me `for being UNSLOVAK in my news headlines`. The two policeman roared with laughter when I explained the reason and the motivation of the site.

    Which brings me to my final point . Slovakia and the Web in general, is just full of wacko`s and just sad crazy people along with everyone else. Some are deliberately mad and extreme , some are just born so and have some life agenda . I GET IT ! ………Believe me you only have to Google a few of the people that post here each day and you will find that they are perhaps more bonkers, narrow minded, bigoted and racist in real life, than any appearing on The Daily and pan George. I look at Mr G as the Jan Slota of the website …you may not a agree with him, you may not like him, even boo him, but I believe he does still also still enjoy a lot of readership followers, that have actually already got it ?

    Finally, I would like to say I agree completely with James`s comments . However, it has never really been clear to me in the past or now, what this news vehicle was meant to be and to the Readers ?

    1. You mean like this article, published just today in the Slovak mainstream newspapers https://www.thedaily.sk/court-rules-to-leave-gorilla-reports-on-internet? I think you will find that when it comes to news like this, we are first to publish in English. FYI, we also receive all press releases from political parties, ministries, etc etc the same as the newswires, and attend press conferences and take our own photos. Also, news published in the morning is usually yesterday’s news, which is why The Daily tries to publish throughout the day as things happen. BTW, how is George?

  8. Surely there’s a difference between censorship and moderation. To me, censorship in this context means not allowing certain viewpoints, while moderation means adapting/removing posts which are personally abusive or could lead to libel actions. Censorship is usually bad, moderation is usually necessary.

    As for making points on the site, if they’re good points, they’ll stand for themselves without the need to attack the poster personally. And just to be clear, ‘you’re talking nonsense’ is not personally abusive (it addresses the post not the poster), ‘you’re an idiot/halfwit/alcoholic/dickhead’ IS abuse.

    The term ‘community website’ is also instructive. Communities have written rules, the breaking of which have consequences. This website has clear guidelines about what sort of comments are/are not acceptable. Breach those and the comment should get deleted. Then there are the unwritten rules, which make communities better places. I’d say John Boyd explains these pretty much perfectly in the original letter.

    One suggestion I’d have is not to enable comments on all stories. Is there really much to be gained from giving everyone space to air their views on, say, a fatal stabbing in Zilina? I’d say not. A story like this is there simply to inform. Political stories, sports news, blog pieces etc are a different matter and comments on these can enhance the original piece.

    Just my opinions of course.

  9. Well… why George M. must become a “CASE”???
    It’s silly…. Whenever a single guy can influence so many more it’s just matter of order…
    John… Please Ban George M. in any of his “APPARITION” (IP ADDRESS) and let us happily post here with no censorship!

  10. George’s bombastic ejaculations might be more entertaining if they weren’t so bloody predictable. Boring troll is boring. Kthxbye.

  11. Be sure I will keep you on your toes 🙂

  12. I like that movie too 🙂 who would you be in the story?

  13. GM you have really made an impact in so many people here, JB wrote an editor letter mainly for you. Expat, MAnda, T P and so many more addressed you specifically. Moreover, Losgar is having a change of personality due to your comments. I really wonder what is next?

  14. ~~~I never ever wrote or said anything what I have written in the last 5 days on this web site, I don’t feel good about that at all. Still I am becoming to understand the creature. I have to go on. ~~~ Didn`t you leave the building in a huff a few days ago, never to return ?

    Given Expats, Logheads and Mike G , the David Icke of the website comment forum explaining their personal lives and their views on the new world order ….I am GLAD TO SEE I AM NOT THE ONLY WACKO on here …and in very good company it would appear !

    As I said the slimy ones just apologise and then carry on .

  15. JB, I could suggest to delete all offensive comments, I could suggest rating the comments and the ones with low rating to hide. The problem is the creature is using so many nicknames that it wouldn’t help and it would be contraproductive.

    He is not OK, his reactions are irracional. Asa you realeased this article the first thing on his mind was asking you for another favour, he doesn’t realise what he is doing.

    I suggest: The control must come from you, not from the readers /f.e.rating/. I suggest you will mark inappropriate comments as “Editor recommends to ignore this comment” and/or you will decrease the size of letters /f.e. if now the size is 10 you will decrease it to 8/.
    I would also reccomend to award good comments with a “Nobel price” recommendation: “Editor recommends” but it’s not important now.

    What you said about Slovak descendants living abroad touched me. Allowing this creature to do what he does is actually hurting this country.

    Please act quickly. Don’t wait any longer!!

    About my comments: I made peace 2 weeks ago and apologized to DC /the only person aside the creature I had insulted/ but the creature came back so did I. Very few foreigners said anything about his behaviour so I feel no sorry for what I said about the English people. I am not going to stop unless YOU solve this embarrassing situation.

    Please feel free to erase my comments. I never ever wrote or said anything what I have written in the last 5 days on this web site, I don’t feel good about that at all. Still I am becoming to understand the creature. I have to go on.

    1. Point taken, but at the end of the day, it comes down to personal responsibility and expressing your opinion in an intelligent way rather than a primitive one. That is all I am asking, and will do what I can on my side to ensure it stays that way.

      1. Thanks John!! I will apologize then!!

  16. Tony perhaps you should first Google `Mike Golgulski` and see who has the wrong, odd or very strange `at ….Let`s all burn our US Social Security cards, let`s let out of jail all the drug users etc … Glory be to God !

    1. Nobody likes you Dingus? Maybe it’s time to create a new nickname.

    2. George M.
      What you do for living? tracking people?
      Could you please tell us what’s’ your purpose in life?
      You just exercise your “British humour”?

  17. The problem is not the “comments policy” but George M. attitude…

    Mike Gogulski has got the real point writing “I think John’s being far too lenient here. I would have banned your sorry carcass long ago”.

  18. Why keeping up the schizophrenia, George M. a.k.a. The Big Guy at the Back a.k.a. …….?
    Mr. John Boyd – keep up your good worked, it is much appreciated.

  19. Expat, since you ask the questions of me . I have to be careful what I say , as the Editor is now censoring out most my response comments, when people attack me personally …I guess others will have to judge why this is happening?

    Firstly , boo, hoo hoo, stop moaning man ! For 40 years , people died or went to great suffering in Cz-Svk so you could speak here without being dragged away to the Salt Mines by the StB or the KGB . Now you want to limit speech , because you get sensitive and dont like it ??? Are you still a minded communist ?

    Secondly, I do not hate Slovaks.

    I just am however distrusted by many of their very small minds, village mentality of dealing with issues, their acceptance of corruption as normal practice, the dimwitted way they smile and tell you `but this is not possible ` the nationalistic falg waving bull, and the fact almost none of them ever group protest, unless someone is serving free beer and goulash .

    Why I am here is none of your business? Why do I speak out , sometimes in very graphic terms …because it is my right as an EU citizen .

    The allegation of my so called abuse of Slovaks as nation, is only in the eye of the Reader based on his own lack of civic morals and their utter personal hypocrisy and double standards . My example: Mike G, who is well known as one man stand against the American Imperialist …a supporter of a US Serviceman traitor to Wikileaks ….and yet Mike wants my skin thrown from the website ?? Well Huh ?

    The Slimy ones will apologise for their insults and then carry on as normal . I on the other hand would rather stick to a standard, of standing by all by comments, no matter who they may actually prick, or be thorn in their own personal agenda . ie Language School Owner anyone !

    BTW. 98% of my comments are deemed acceptable by the Moderation team, no matter how touchie they perhaps get by the huge hammer and tools I use, to get my own views across and actually read , rather than just be passed over !

  20. I only want to keep abreast of what os going on without a total Translation from my wife…. I love this paper and news site! It brings me closer to the Slovakia Culture and people, and I can talk to my Slovak colleagues about current events without being totally out of the loop.

    As for bashing Slovakia and Slovakians….this needs to stop! I love this country I live in, the country my family came from over 100 years ago, and now I am home again. I may not agree on all aspects of life here, but I love the fact that I have a great job, good friends, and my family is safe here!! I don’t have to worry as I did in Phoenix, AZ every day is anyone would assault my family as they walked through the park! No helicopters flying with search lights looking for a suspect here! Ever night in Phoenix we saw these, plus heard the gun fire from the fights! You don’t know how good you have it here! Sure things are not perfect, but utopia does not exist! It is what you make of this life and this world that is important. I am so ashamed of some posts that I see, GM being the biggest BIGGOT of all!! If he hates Slovakia so much, WHY ARE YOU HERE? If your work moved you here from ENGLAND, then why did they do so? Were you not doing your job well enough in England? I know one guy, who was a drunk, but had a position high up, so his punishment was to be sent to Slovakia to start up the new Branch……. Needless to say, send a drunk to Slovakia is like sending a Fat person to an all you can eat Holliday! Maybe this is your position, I don’t know, but I make a presumption.
    I was very bitter for my first few years here, as I didn’t speak or communicate in Slovak, but now I do, not good, but enough to get by!
    I lived and worked in England, and on the “Island” it has changed since I was there over 10 years ago for the first time. Slovakia has changed from 10 years ago when I first cam here as well, and for the better I would like to think. So the comments about all Slovaks being lesser than anyone is a personal insult, as I am now again (by family birth) Slovak/American. I have the right to live here, even if my passport, due to non-duality, is American…my children are of dual-citizenship…my wife, Slovak, me American…we live here and have a chance to be something, to have a better life and to provide the best childhood for our children as possible. You may not think that this is possible, but you are not looking at the big picture. To complain about not having this or that, just means you miss your home… well I made home here and learned to make due with what I have, to accept what is in front of me, and to adjust and to make my own new life here! Sure I miss certain things, but the trade was my families wellbeing and the ability to bring them to a country that was growing, a country of prosperity, and a country that is safe from terrorism. My children will respect my decision to leave America and to come to Slovakia when they are older. If they decide to go back to America when they are older, that is their choice, but I gave them the choice to be either Slovak, or Americans! I will never take their American roots from them, and I will encourage them to study abroad in the future and to be a part of the American Culture as they are here in Slovakia. I hate when the Slovaks are bashed and treated like they are stupid…this is just WRONG. I have never worked with such educated and mindful people ever in my life. I believe that the Slovaks are just scared of the future and what may happen next, as I would be if my nation was invaded all the time by barbarians and thugs.
    Get rid of the haters, this is not their opinion, it is their way of trying to make their pitiful lives mean something. Sad how a certain someone can cause such a problem. I would love to meet George M. and find out his real issue! Why are you here? Why do you hate Slovaks so much? Why don’t you just go back to England? Why?

    I am so frustrated, I wish I could be optimistic all the time, but certain things do get under my skin. But to be a pessimist all the time…this is just the wrong way to live in a foreign country! I cannot imagine his friends!

  21. John.
    I welcome and fully support your new comments policy and shall abide by its conditions forthwith.
    I wish to extend to you, your staff, other commentators and the readership as a whole my most sincere and unconditional apologies if any of my comments have caused any offence in the past.

  22. What a donkey David…..Your own post is held to be moderated and you want to blame someone else for your own crass comment being held up ????

    It kinda sums up the daft people commenting on the comments …

  23. John.
    Thanks for the continued high standard of news coverage. The rest is unimportant.
    I was speaking recently with Micky Seman. Apparently he not receiving football info anymore.

  24. Addendum.
    I have just spotted that my previous post is ‘awaiting moderation’. This would indicate that some criteria (stricter ones) need to be applied. This is almost down to one persistent poster and he has been allowed – regrettably – by this website to post almost anything almost, but not single-handedly undermining the entire website.,

  25. It’s quite clear the comments should be moderated before being posted as occurs on many mainstream newspapers. I recognize this is an additional burden on a vehicle with limited resources. However, the GRATUITOUS nature of some of the abusive comments here warrants it. The emergence of ‘trolls’ is a disturbing phenomenon and also open to legal challenge as we have seen in one or two cases in Britain.
    Identitles should be verified by the Daily – if possible.

  26. John I think you are moving the goal posts a bit here ..the key words are etc …Perhaps that is the real issue ….you have to keep the goal posts in the same spot , and ALL the time .

    I think you are also a bit naive to believe some kind nation, political or religious `bashing` does not take place in media sites , be it TV, radio or Web…..Sorry some have very strong views about the injustice their terrible experience in Slovakia …either you want to warn people, educate people, or you want to censor comments all based on the feelings of the sad, the mad and the glad

    For some one to actually write and say, ……as editor in chief, personally responsible for allowing what he called “provocative and racist” comments to be posted on the site, with the message that he would no longer refer people to the site …quite obviously needs their head reshaped and clearly feels he can get you to censor based on his biased view …they would be no friend of mine !

    You have to take a policy stance with any news website ….this website makes the mistake of trying to appease the Local Rifles ….a big mistake in my view.

  27. As the opening of this letter starts ……..Our website welcomes your comments, as it is intended also to be a community website for foreigners living or interested in Slovakia, so they can share their opinions, activities and experiences in the country……

    QED. The website is in the English language and for Foreigners and their opinions and it is run by a Brit. The Slovaks have many websites where they can vent their sad opinion in their own language , but I think it should be understood they are her as our language guests …and we welcome their opinion , but not their bull , claptrap , total blindness or dumb nationalistic flag waving ….

    I am totally against any comment censorship, as I came from a country that had none ……..well once before the PC army took over and that is what is happening here !

    BTW I promise not use the word P-R-I-K again unless someone else again breaks the fourth rule . ie no one may abuse any member of the faculty, if anyone is watching !

    1. The key words are “also intended”. The Daily is for everyone and read by many people abroad, many Slovaks here and abroad, and descendants of Slovaks etc. Certainly not just for Brits, or for nation-bashing.

  28. I thought long and hard about this before I commented on this matter. Can you please arrange to change the little icon in the corner each time I comment, as it is confusing some clever, intellectual Slovak guy each time I post and clearly this causes this him to have emotional or mental issues that tends to take the conversation to low levels.

    Lets be clear , if you make a dopey, nationalistic, rha rha raha Slovakia comment, and you have no natural understanding of the English language, or of the Brit sense of humor, you are going to take sense of humour failure hit IMHO ! Just get over it !

    If you stick or close to your full name on here, then more fool you ….and your hypocrisy is found out, this is not the Times or the Telegraph . Just get over it !

    Get rid of the comment Whiners and Moaners and ban the Slovaks that just cannot and will not behave and things will return to normal, very quickly , I have experience .

    A few weeks ago you were complaining JB that noone comments ,so I turned up the gas and made some suggestions, some you took on board ….moderation comes with the job sorry to say .

    No one has to read the comments , but they are often more interesting, funny and informative that the News Item …..Geeeze do what I do , dont read them if you are so sensitive to be offended !

    1. 1. Mr…., firstly, I would say you should have the decency to use just one ID here and stop playing around. 2. Yes, I could remove the icons, but will not. 3. I also have no idea what you mean by me complaining about a lack of comments, or your ‘suggestions’. 4. Don’t make offensive comments and people will not have to avoid them.

      1. Firstly JB . I only use one ID , but I am not aware of any rule that says I cannot use as many, when I want if I want?? I assume this privilege is the as for everyone else ? …..However , I do admit to moving my IP around and trying other items as a test of your comment security, as I get fed up of your unfounded censorship of my comments . I would like my post , posted live , not two days later ….but that is my own thoughts and of course your prerogative to hold up and withdraw my comments, as and when ….I not complaining here .

        Two, I don`t actually give a toss about the icons , I was just trying to stop some poor daft Slovak going mad with frustration .

        Three ……You should back read. You were complaining a few months ago people were `reading` the Daily in droves , but why are there no one making comments ? I suggested you increase the size of `who had commented` as it was had to fellow with just the last few comments appearing live ….now we have twice three times as many listed . Perhaps we both had an epiphany ???? :-)))

        Four , People do read me ……you have the buttons to delete and what you don`t like , as I like free speech ……..as I said, moderation comes with the job old chap !

        1. 1. from my perspective, u have used several IDs and still do, use any absurd excuse you want 2. we change the size of the comments area on inside pages and other elements of the website constantly as required, but yes, I did that for your pleasure 3. I believe in free speech, just don’t believe in the need for obnoxious and insulting speech.

          1. JB . 1) What is your own real problem here ? I said I have used other ID still you go on and on, yet you can show me no site rule break??…

            2 . So you changed the size of the list of comments area AT MY SUGGESTION for the betterment of The Daily…..get over it man .

            3) This is bull, you allow obnoxious and insulting speech and from many commenter`s all the time and when it suits you or your current hobby horse . If you are moderating this site, it is farcical to claim in you long List Of Site Comment Policy that the poster own`s the comment, or it rule breaks as obnoxious and insulting etc , because if you are the one delaying the post by your personal moderation and then it met your standards and YOU let it through to be read by the world .

    2. George, you can change the icon yourself by going to gravatar.com, registering your email address and choosing an image you like.

      That said, I think John’s being far too lenient here. I would have banned your sorry carcass long ago.

      1. JB, What sort of sad ass comment this that from Mike Gogulski? Does it add to the discussion etc, etc ?

        Mike G , I don`t actually give a toss about the icons. I was just trying to stop some poor daft Slovak going mad with frustration . I was being ironic, as claiming Slovaks are just bonkers, corrupt, have a speech impediment and twitch that seems to make some like minded people, also go all ga ga .

        BTW . What exactly would you ban my carcass for ? Exposing your utter stupidity or for publicly making your tick obvious to all perhaps?

  29. I agree with the policy but when certain people go on to the site just to bring down the country and its people then we reply with feeling and the truth.

    I find this a very good site and keeps me in touch with a country and people I respect.

    If I have caused any offence to any one I am sorry.

    1. poor John…. firstly thanks for the English news I agree with one of your readers it is nice to read about what is going on in the country where I am living and getting the information first handed rather than through translation, …. …

      since freedom of speech, on line “letters to the editor/comments” and the lack of censorship are an imperative part of that process in summing up what is a good news (paper) website .guess you can only take the sample of your commentators as a reflection of the real people out there … some nice, some positive some not so nice and some negative about everything

      ….. but all have equal right to express their opinion, and in reality we can see the world for the types of people out their not through the rose tinted lenses of a censored editorial/comments section

      And as a good editor ,o) I guess you wrote the above article to remind people
      ” the opinions expressed are the not the opinions of the editor,” (maybe put this at the top of each comments section?) ….and it is just bad luck that some of the grumpy opinionated ones living here happen to speak English and use this as their outlet of expression … are there so many disgruntled non English speaking foreigners I wonder?

  30. I agree with Mr. the Ambassdor… No censorship…
    You can only impose a list of words wich are not allowed to be used (ex. f..k, s..t, k…t, etc)… In any case that’s our editorial line for La Voce (SK/CZ/HU) newspapers after several discussions among our staff…

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