Committee for sexual minorities? KDH not so keen

Liberal coalition party SaS wants the government to set up a parliamentary committee for sexual minorities, but probably the party itself doesn’t expect its proposal to be successful.

Gay rights parade in Bratislava (c) The

As part of its pre-election campaign, the SaS said it would lobby for the rights of gays, but its coalition partner the Christian democratic KDH has always had its reservations to acknowledging such rights.

The proposal to set up a committee for sexual minorities comes from the Council for Human Rights, Minorities and Gender Equality, and culture minister Daniel Krajcer (from SaS) says it is only natural that the sexual minorities committee be part of the Council for Human Rights.

Head of the KDH Christian democrats, Jan Figel, has always been reserved about such issues, and his party looks likely to adopt a similar stance about the latest proposal. Figel said they would wait to see exactly what kind of proposal is made before they provide an official position, though.

In April the KDH party refused to support a proposal of the SaS for the government to make an official declaration condemning the persecution of gays throughout the world, following a similar declaration regarding Christians, which the SaS supported.

The issue of gay rights will come to the fore again soon as the Rainbow Pride march is planned for 4 June this year. Last year’s event, the first of its kind in Slovakia, stirred up strong emotions on both sides, for and against.

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