Conditions for doing business much worse than in 2006 claims PAS

The Slovak Business Alliance (PAS) published its own report yesterday, 18 August, in which it points to corruption, law enforcement, frequent legislative changes and high payroll levies as the main obstacles to doing business in Slovakia.

The report states that conditions for doing business in the country have gone from being above average in 2006 to below average in 2010. A PAS survey that addressed business people and managers says more than half of them viewed conditions more as negative than positive, the very opposite to a similar survey made in 2006.

Corruption was ranked the fourth biggest obstacle to business back in 2006, but now it is in the top spot, with the degree of law enforcement options being assessed just as negatively in second place. Third place in the ranking went to unstable legislation, while fourth spot was occupied by high levies. Around half of the business people who responded in the poll indicated these last two areas as major obstacles to their business activities.

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