Constitutional Court Freezes Attorney General Vote

The Constitutional Court issued a preliminary injunction yesterday that prevents parliament from holding a public vote for the post of Attorney General in this never-ending saga.

Who will be King of the Castle? (c) The Daily

The ruling freezes any AG vote until it has fully examined the merits of the case and issued a decision on whether the recent amendment to the Parliamentary Rules of Procedure by the government to make the vote open instead of secret is against the constitution or not.

The preliminary injunction, issued at the petition of interim Attorney General Ladislava Tichy, therefore puts this revision on hold, meaning the open vote scheduled for tomorrow will likely now not take place.

Over fear of potential traitors in the coalition like once before, it wants a public vote in the hope that it can push its candidate Jozef Centes into the post. The opposition are trying to keep the vote secret, though, as they know there is then a chance of getting a few turncoats from the coalition to vote for their candidate, former AG Dobroslav Trnka.


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