Could Belousovova be the one to replace Slota as party chairperson?

Following the bad results in the elections, some thought leader of nationalist party SNS Jan Slota would stand down, but in the end he announced that the party elections would take place in September. Possibly his only rival in the race could be current vice-chair Anna Belousovova.

The four-year term of the current SNS chairman Jan Slota will end in September and it seems that many district and regional party structures have lost confidence in him and so plan to nominate Belousovova for the post of party head. Ousting Slota from his position will probably not be a pleasant affair, and it seems that many of the local leaders would not like to cross him, so would prefer to see the leadership change hands amicably through an agreement.

No official nominations have yet been made by district or regional party organisations, so only time will tell how things will span out.

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