Couple prostituted 13 yr old girl

In Trencianske Teplice a 13-yr old girl was persuaded by a couple to be their prostitute so they could make money on her. They would get clients through the internet or by phone, who would pay EUR 40-70 for sex with the girl, while knowing she was just a minor.

The couple kept half the proceeds for themselves and gave half to the girl. They were also producing and giving the girl drugs, like pervetin (crystal meths).

The District Court in Trencin eventually sentenced Tomas L. (27) to 13 years in prison, and Monika S. (23) for 10 years for the crimes of dealing in narcotic and psychotropic substances and for pimping. Both the accused have lodged appeals.

A court expert said the sentences were mild as the experienced events should not leave negative impressions on the young girl Jane S.

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