Cries of Foul-Play After Government Recalls Head of Public Broadcaster

Some believe the government is set to get its claws into public broadcaster RTVS, after the Media Council suddenly recalled head of the broadcaster Miloslava Zemkova on Tuesday 12 June.

The government claims Zemkova failed to inform the RTVS Board about a tender for the rental of premises, but her recall was not announced as part of the agenda in advance, according to a report in SME daily today. Zemkova plans to appeal her removal from the post through the courts if necessary, and so is preparing a petition as she feels there is no “logical, expert or other arguments” behind the move, which she referred to as constructed, arguing also that the public broadcaster generated profit for the first time last year.

Zemkova will appeal also to speaker of parliament Pavol Paska (Smer-SD), who will then decide whether or not to include it in a parliamentary session. Some opposition MPs wanted the decision to be deferred until the case was examined properly and Zemkova’s arguments heard, to little avail.

Former culture minister from the Freedom and Solidarity party (SaS) Daniel Krajcer said “If it is confirmed that the council did not act correctly, but even so Smer-SD (with a parliamentary majority) will vote for her recall, it will then be clear that it is only interested in gaining control over RTVS”.

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  1. People really catch on quick here. BnM has, in short order, ensured “his men” are in control of the police, public prosector, the judiciary and intelligence services so it should be no suprise to anyone that he now wants a lap dog in charge of the state TV company. He has obviously read his Marxs and must be pleased about how easily he has tied up all the major institutions under his banner.
    Why? – answers on a postcard to the editor!

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