Critical Mass Bratislava, 5th Year of Bike Mania

Dear fellow Bike-Lovers,

We are “spokey” pleased to invite you to the 5th Anniversary of CRITICAL MASS BRATISLAVA & 4th Anniversary of Cyklo Kuchyňa/Bike Kitchen Bratislava
on Friday, 24/4/2015 in – are you guessing? – Bratislava, Slovakia!

Event starts at 17:00 at Námestie SNP at GPS 48 8′ 38.688” N // 17 6′ 47.87352” E

Arrive on your precious bikes or contact us for bike sharing options. Bring your bikes, tallbikes, custombikes, soundsystems etc…

The party includes: gigs, dance, circus performances, ..???.., food/drinks for donation, bells and bubbles.
Pls. Share —> the event here

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