Croatian Customs Officer Requests Oral Sex from Slovaks

A curious case was reported today by about how customs officers in Croatia tried to take advantage of Slovak holidaymakers while demanding sexual services from them.

photo (c) Smooth_O

The officers stopped the two young Slovak couples at the border crossing with Slovenia on ‘suspicion’ that the girls were carrying drugs. After inspecting the car a little, they took the two men inside, where they strip searched them.

The customs officers then allegedly threatened to take the car apart if the travellers did not admit that they had drugs with them. One of the officers then allegedly said several times to the girls that “if one of you gives me a blow-job, then we’ll let you go”.

The shocked holidaymakers, who feared that the officers might plant drugs on them in the end, were eventually let go and in reply to why they in particular had been stopped, they were told merely it was because of the look of them.

The Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already contacted representative offices in Slovenia and Croatia to follow up the incident. Ministry spokesman Lubos Schwarzbacher advised holidaymakers in similar situations not to sign anything if they are not sure what is written there, and to contact the Slovak consulate in the country in question.

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