Crocodile on the Loose Near Hlhohovec?

People around Hlohovec are on the alert after a man fishing spotted a crocodile swimming in the river.

Illustrative photo

The man said although it was all over quickly, he first saw the eyes, then the teeth and nose holes of the crocodile, which he reckons was about one metre in length, according to TV The crocodile was hanging around the bait on the man’s line, just a few metres from the shore.


  1. Perhaps the sharks in the river have already eaten the crocodile ?

    BTW, Mr Editor ….is that a UFO in the blue sky above the head of the Croc ….? The X-files in Slovakia eh ?

  2. Did it escape from the same place as the puma, the Kosice tiger, Bigfoot etc.?
    The face of JC in a damp patch on the wall has worn a bit thin so now those who desire their five minutes of fame on the telly claim to have seen all manner of wonderful beasties and the TV companies flock to report it.
    No doubt a good belt of hooch plays a part in many of these sightings.
    Crocs need a temperature of 30 – 33 C, so unless the river was thermal our fisherman is telling a tale.

  3. Not been drinking the turps by any chance had he ?

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