Crooked Cops Caught at Police Academy

People living in Slovakia are well aware that the country, much like rest of Central and Eastern Europe, still suffers more than its fair share of corruption, but more and more cases are coming to light that involve the very people who are supposed to combat it, the police, raising questions if enough is being done about the issue.

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In the latest episode, four senior heads of Bratislava Police Academy, which trains new recruits how to be good upstanding officers, were arrested on Friday over bribery allegations, after it was revealed that they were taking up to EUR 5,000 a time to ensure a place at the academy for certain people.

According to an estimate of the scope of the disease, one in four police cadets are thought to have gained their placement in this way, with the test results of as many as 29 of them being manipulated. These 29 cadets have now been replaced, said interior minister Robert Kalinak. Other allegations include misuse of European funds and the suspicious issue of certain academic titles. The recently adopted motto of the police force “To serve and protect” takes on a whole new meaning here.


  1. ahahahahahahah…….wait for it , mitigating factors. Society was to blame, Cancer, Heart attack, Stroke, sudden memory loss and/or everyone else was doing it, so no real crime was ever committed.

  2. How better to ensure the wheels of crime turn smoothly?
    So 25% of police started their career through corruption – no wonder they continue.
    Hats off to the guys who arrested these bent coppers, I hope the rest of the legal system can managed to punish them.

    1. Lets hope the legal system can Dave then it will send a message to the rest that corruption will be dealt with.

  3. Does anyone understand what exactly Expat is blubbing on about ?

  4. Whilst nearly spilling my afternoon coffee and rocking with laughter in my chair whilst I was reading this tale of woe , one has to wonder if this country has now actually scraped the bottom of the barrel, or become so low in that barrel , that they have become the barrel it`self???

  5. Corruption starts with the Police, it doesn’t end there!! So one-in-four bought their way in? That means 3/4 of the class is now out 5,000 and without a JOB, so they will all join SBS private security and become part of the unknown protection every office and company has in Slovakia, and for what?? Suppose the SBS group has the same handle on things as Capone did in Chicago….
    So, who will fall with this? The funny thing was when they quoted from the American movie “Police Academy”, and just laughed as this is humorous! SAD!
    New Motto Should be “Fill my pockets as I deserve” not “to protect and serve”

  6. surprise surprise! who woulda known???

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