CSA to Launch New Flights from Prague to Russia

Czech Airlines plans to open new regular service from Prague to Perm in the Russian Federation at the changeover from the current winter season to the following summer season. The airline plans to operate two return flights a week to Perm, which will be Czech Airlines’ eighth destination and eleventh regular service to the Russian Federation operated from Prague or Karlovy Vary, joining Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Samara and Ufa.

By harmonising its departure and arrival waves, Czech Airlines offers ideal connections between the new Perm service and the airline’s flights to/from Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Milan, Munich, Nice, Paris, Rome and Stockholm, with a comfortable transfer in Prague.

Czech Airlines (c) Akron Ohio

Czech Airlines plans to operate two return flights a week to Perm. From Prague, the airline’s aircraft will depart every Thursday and Sunday, 15 minutes before Midnight, arriving in Perm the next morning at 7:50. From Bolshoye Saving Perm International Airport, the service will leave every Monday and Friday morning at 9:05, arriving at Václav Havel Airport Prague at 9:30. Czech Airlines has already officially received carriage rights for the service.

Czech Airlines currently operates ten scheduled routes between the Czech Republic and the Russian Federation – three from Karlovy Vary (to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Samara), and seven from Prague (to Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Samara and Ufa). The planned service to Perm will be the eleventh. Czech Airlines will deploy Airbus A319 aircraft on the service. The complimentary in-flight service on the new route includes a full-fledged warm meal, even for passengers in Economy Class, a wide selection of hot and cold non-alcoholic beverages, Czech beer, and Moravian wine.

A year ago, in connection with its new service to Ufa, Czech Airlines announced that it is planning more new services and an expansion of its business activities on the Russian market. The start of operations to Nizhny Novgorod in the 2012 summer season and the currently planned service to Perm serve as concrete results of the airline’s work. But that is not all that Czech Airlines is planning for the 2013 summer season concerning post-soviet markets,” said Jiří Marek, a member of the Management Board and Vice-President of Czech Airlines for Sales and Marketing.

In the current winter season, Czech Airlines has, for example, increased the number of frequencies to both recently opened destinations – Nizhny Novgorod and Ufa – by one a week. The airline also added one frequency to Rostov-on-Don, increasing the number of flights to four a week.

Basic Information about Perm

Perm is the capital of the Perm Region. Situated in the easternmost area of the European part of the Russian Federation, near the Ural Mountains, the city and its surroundings have more than a million inhabitants. It was first mentioned in 1647 as the Jegoshikha settlement. In 1780, the settlement was renamed Perm, and was granted the status of a city a year later. Perm is one of the most significant centres for the armament, petro-chemical, and wood-processing industries, while aircraft and rocket engines are also made in the city. Ten universities and several military academies offer courses of study in the city, and the Perm opera and ballet are considered to be among the best in the Russian Federation.

Press release: Daniel Šabík, spokesperson for Czech Airlines

Czech Airlines, as the flag carrier airline of the Czech Republic, provides connections from Prague, and also “via” Prague, to major destinations in Europe, Central Asia, the Transcaucasus and the Middle East. In cooperation with its partners, the airline currently offers connections to 78 destinations in 44 countries.


  1. Peter – Thanks for the info. Sounds like a variant of the three card trick to me. Force the operators away by overcharging which then reduces their operating costs for the airport. They know demand will increase and no doubt will sit back until someone makes them an offer, no doubt much inflated. Meanwhile their investment is safe, represented by the land the airport occupies. It’s a win / win scenario they have created for themselves – wait for an inflated offer for the airfield or allow it to fall into disuse, apply for a change of land use and sell it off in smaller plots for development. Then there is Benta’s portfolio of sites in the Tatra region, it could be argued that forcing the demise of Kosice airport would be advantagious to Poprad ( who owns that?) and the surrounding businesses and land values. Strikes me that there is something fishy going on.

  2. I was trying to figure out what flights from Prague had to do with Slovakia!!

    then i saw the Czech Airlines advert t the top of the page :-)) lol

    Probably an article about little BA Airport would be more appropriate for Slovak readers!! but what do i know!!

    Dont sell your souls for a 1 x banner add!!! :-))

    1. Gosh, your so smart Cow Pat … I will we were all as clever as you …How did you think the website runs for free …Adverts dope !

      I note BTW , that we are now dividing the nik name to Ex pat ….rather than the the previous Expat …..what are you trying to sex up the image of a goat herder ?

      1. so smart, as usual, georgie? you must be a poor thing, so many houses, so many kids, big breasted girlfriend, but still…the biggest pleasure on this world is writing a comments on this site.

        1. Sorry Mo, that I am so much smart and richer than you . Even if I am talking to myself here, at least I discussing things with someone intelligent and my intellectual equal . When your kids are disappointed with their Christmas presents because you are poor, just remember I could have brought them everything . Enjoy those lemons you suked last night did you …?

          1. georgie, you can have all money from this world, but you still won’t be richer than i am. rich is that one, who doesn’t need much to be happy. and don’t bother about my kids, they’ll love whatever santie will bring to them, they don’t look at the price tags

          2. Mo, there is no need to apologise for being poor, as I have no intention of being sorry for being rich .

            Being a delusional female that you are, then perhaps you need to be apolgising to yourself, for marrying down, rather than marrying up in life ? Say, when the wheel falls off this happy life , give me a call, I just may be free to save you from your happy poverty .

          3. georgie, did i write somewhere, i don’t have money? or if i don’t write, i have 5 cars and 5 houses around the world, is that a sign i’m poor? do i need to show up? no, i think, that’s poor. you’re poor.

          4. Now Mo, that is not true about the houses, now is it , you saucy minx ..?

            Btw, tell me more about the School volleyball team that incident in the girls showers ??

  3. Ah ha …got the dates a bit wrong, but the basix info was correct .

    FOREIGN strategic partners are willing to pay at least €400 million to buy a 66-percent stake in Slovakia’s biggest two airports.

    Three out of four investors are ready to pay between Sk13 to 14 billion (€344 to €371 million) for the Bratislava airport and around Sk1 billion (€25.5 million) for the Košice airport.

    An online article appearing December14 said that the TwoOne consortium, consisting of Vienna International Airport and Penta, was offering Sk6 billion (€159 million) for the Bratislava airport, plus a deposit of Sk7.9 billion (€209 million).

    It also said that Abertis and J&T were offering Sk3.3 billion (€87 million) plus a deposit of Sk9.7 billion (€257 million), and that the ISAP group was offering a total of Sk10.3 billion (€273 million).

    So there you go …

  4. DC. I know the airport got sold, when they ( being SDKU in 2002/3??) were in Government to either a Penta, or a J&T consortium …actually both Kosice and Bratislava airports where in the deal…then Robin Hood came to power, cancelled the Bratislava contract as it was a strategic asset …and so the winning consortium, got lumbered with just Kosice ….But why would block flights ? I though planes comin and going was the point of the business ?

    1. Thanks George but as soon as I read Benta was involved I filled in all the other gaps.
      Why block flights? maybe get established businesses to sell up cheap due to the lack of air connections and then get the bandits to hand them over for a villa in Croatia or just a bag of cash.
      Explains much and no suprise the locals haven’t cottoned on to what is going on.

      1. My previous articla wasn`t published…
        So, why the aeropot asking more money for landing and departuning the flights than the Vienna airport? As per SME Its 400€ more compared to Vienna airport. Its even doubled than Prague airport…

        If the foreign owner want to invest money. Than what has changed?
        Nothing has changed for couple last years. There is no bigger place for parking, there is no new terminal, there are no more flights {even less} than couple years ago. So, what changed? Where are the money invested? There was several tens articles posted in Slovak news, but nothing happened.

        1. mmmm, Pete , did they not just get stuck with Kosice, ie the new investors, when really they wanted Ba …and turn it into a cargo landing airport, for the Austrians and because of the lower handing costs?

          1. stuck with Kosice. than why there was a SkyEurope available run almost full flights to London and there is noone who is willing to do this. If they invested those huge money. Than where are they?
            Regarding BA, well several years ago. IT was cheaper to land in BA and travel to Vienna by rented car in BA as to land in Vienna and rent car there….. I do not know now, but i assume that the bussines is a bussines and Vienna know what to do to slow BA and KE down…

          2. Did anyone out there understand a word of that from Peat ???

            Answers on a postcard to …….

  5. OK , explain more Pete ..you have my interest ?

  6. honestly… who cares? Why you can`t write about f.e. letisko Kosice where the foreign owner “blocks” connection flights with f.e. UK or Germany?

    1. Peter
      You have my attention as well – which foreign owner?

      1. well of course details are somehow hiden, but as far as i know the major owner who is able to make decisions is Airport Schwechat.
        Kosice airport has biggest aeroport cost. f.e. they are asking 400€ more in Kosice compare to Vienna for one arrival/departure… who knows why?


        and lot of articles can be found, posted also by sme.

        currently direct connections are only to Prague, Bratislava and Vienna {of course}. During SkyEurope times and flights to London were almost always full at it was Boening 737 and not ATR42 as currenty using for flights to Prague which are also fully boked.

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