Cuban Dissident Hernandez Shunned by Foreign Affairs Ministry

Daily SME took a pop at Slovak diplomacy today with an article on the visit this week of influential Cuban dissident Dagoberto Valdes Hernandez, who was shunned from meetings with government officials, while taking an audience instead with KDH party head Jan Figel, as vice-chairman of the National Council.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs only sent someone from their Latin American Unit to meet Hernandez while he was visiting the People in Peril charity organisation, with ministry spokesman Boris Gandel putting the move down to the bilateral policy on sovereignty between the two countries and the country’s “respect for human rights”.

MP Jan Figel himself used the situation to attack Prime Minister Robert Fico, saying he would “boast about having met Gaddafi, someone charged with mass murder and terrorism” but that nobody from his Ministry of Foreign Affairs had time for such a prominent Cuban dissident.


  1. Ahhh yes, dear Uncle `the people first` Rob, well that`s what being a Socialist does for you .

    I note with interest, ( actually it is me sitting in this chair rocking laughter ) in a no real surprise revelation that Slowvak does not have a single Uni in the top 800 of the world rankings . BTW. Austria has seven universities on the list, Poland six, the Czech Republic five, and Hungary and Ukraine four universities each.

    I guess Cuba has a lot more to offer in banana export sales, to this total dimwit population .

    Vote for Rob , savior of the Slowvak people !

    1. Yeah, I read that fine report on the state of education here in Neverneverland. It sort of puts all the Mgrs, Ings, Judrs, Mudrs and Logs in true perspective and takes a lot of the shine off these highly prized titles.
      Hardly suprising though, less than 5% of the 300 plus million Euros given by the EU to improve education actually ended up in the schools last year. After the awarding contracts to their mates, buying cool gismos and new furniture for the teachers, the kids probably got a new pencil to share! There has even been an official report on the lack of text books for schools, but hey why waste money on books when people can buy any qualification they want?

      1. Where can I buy a title? May need one when trying to prove to ministry I am worthy…it seems the more I learn about SR, a noticeable increase of Tylenol enters my system to dull the pain of trying to reason.

  2. Red Rob is never going to allow open and frank discussions about the real state of Cuba. The Castro’s regime is a model he admires – one party state, fixed elections, life long leaders, the elite cocooned from the rest of the society, secret police to keep the peasants subjugated. The thousands who risk life and limb attempting to flee this socialist paradise? – misguided dissidents who deserve to be emprisioned, tortured or plain disappear.

  3. Perhaps Rob is doing this for the people of Slowvakia ….dont Cuba export bananas ? Someone has to try and feed the monkey population here .

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