Cyclists Should Be Allowed Around Two Beers

The Most-Hid party is trying to give cyclists a break by allowing them to drink the equivalent of two beers before mounting their saddle, party spokeswoman Zuzana Masarykova informed The Daily.

At present cyclists are also participants in road traffic and so are subject to the same rules, also when it comes to being over the limit, something that very few cyclists respect. The Most-Hid party led by Bela Bugar is therefore filing a legislative proposal at the July session of parliament that would allow cyclists to drink up to 0.5 pro mille of blood alcohol content (up to a litre of weaker Slovak beer depending on your metabolism and sex).

The party points out how this concentration is common in many countries as the drinking limit even for car drivers, so it claims it poses no danger to cyclists. Na zdravie!


  1. If this was a country of responsible people then I would agree with this, sad fact is, it isn’t, so no.

  2. I don’t care too much about the beer, but I think being forced to use your lights on a bicycle during daylight hours is a bit over the top!

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