Czech Government Sends 30 Doctors to Slovakia

At an extraordinary session today, the Czech government approved the dispatch of 30 military doctors to the Slovak Republic to help out with the state of emergency at hospitals in the country following a mass resignation.

The army doctors will be sent to Slovakia at the weekend, but will only make a small splash in the ocean as there are about a thousand doctors short in the system. Even Czech president Vaclav Klaus, who condemns the action of the Slovak doctors, says he wasn’t sure if the doctors would be of much help.

Most of the doctors, including 11 surgeons and 10 anaesthetists, should end up in Bratislava and Trnava, but as an example, the University Hospital in Bratislava is lacking a massive 358 doctors, according to

The Czech doctors can be ‘on loan’ for up to 60 days, while Slovakia’s other neighbours Hungary, Austria and Poland have opened the doors of their hospitals to Slovak patients if necessary.

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