Danube Threat Culminating; Problems Escalate

  • The Danube is still rising in Bratislava, causing an increasing number of problems, as the flood barriers are now stretched to their limit. The Danube has risen 10.34 metres already, but is expected to peak in the next few hours.
  • The water is now nearing the main dual carriageway on Einsteinova, which if affected would crush traffic in the city, which is already suffering as various roads start to be closed off.
  • The borough of Devin is still all but cut off, with the army and police battling with the merciless river. The artificial barriers look set to prevent a major catastrophe, but tens of houses are already starting to submerge.
  • On the Petrlzalka side of the city, wild animals are being forced to flee the encroaching floods, forcing the police to reduce the speed on certain roads to just 50kmph and to make a plea to motorists to pay increased attention.

     photo: Leo Prengere

  • The road from Cunovo to Gabcikovo is now closed, with only residents being allowed passage, so plan your journey carefully.
  • Delays can be expected for trains coming from either the Czech Republic or Hungary.
  • A critical situation is being seen at Vysoka pri Morave, as the River Morava is also rising. The village is trying to create a raised embankment using diggers to hold the water at bay. Should it not hold, the whole village will be flooded.



  1. With more rain for central Europe forecast I don’t understand the urgency in dismantling the flood protection?

  2. I must admit that I was sceptical about the ability of the “LEGO” flood barriers to hold back the waters but WOW!, what a brilliant bit of kit. Hats off to the designers and the teams that installed it. The fire brigade both professional and part-time, yet again, proved their worth. I think the military should have been deployed earlier – prevention is better than cure. Sandbag filling volunteers? I saw plenty. Every society has those that do and those who just watch. No doubt the communities will have taken note of these people.
    If I may suggest that in the future BnM and Co are issued with white one piece overalls, not to aid identification, but in the hope they are mistaken for sandbags and actually get to do something useful for the country.

    1. Same here. Was really sceptical. But except some cases it worked well. Especially if you have seen pictures from austrian city Grein. It is much better way than barriers made of sandbags taking more time and people to build up.

  3. Qualify a ……..`Qualified work force` Vodaaaaaaaaa ?

  4. And you, are you again all talk and nothing there or were you there filling sandbags? I did a few years ago in Kosice, I’m pretty sure you’re better at complaining then actually doing anything about it.

    1. What`s that Mr Pee , fill sand bags with my bad back ???

      These days I see myself more in a consulting role ….why have a pack of Ayran dog`s andthen bark yourself, I say …….

      1. So shut up if you did not help…

        1. Now, now Vodaaaaaaaaaaa , finger up bum and just stand there waiting for someone else to do it for you ………

          Perhaps your whole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.

  5. All very sad …but could not be happening to a nicer group of people .

    Greed of some of course, has meant the shortage of actual useable land as flood plain in and around Ba …Eurovea being a case point . Sadly noone thought of spending a little more cash on the option of being able to add to the Old Town river barrier defences if the river grew mega size. Where is the Slowvak army BTW, should they not be laying sandbags along the levee holding back the water in case Einstienova becomes a victim of the flood ??

    Perhaps they are with the Town and MP`s having shares in industrial cleaning up companies ???

    1. Slovak Army somehow converted into public transport company with the line between Karlova Ves and Devin. But all respect to firefighters.

      1. Christ, I though the SK army had more than a 12 men and a ferry boat ?

        What happened to community spirit in Slowvakia …in Austrian and Germany, the young, middle aged and the old, men and woman of the villages and towns are out working hand in hand with the local forces, the police, the firemen etc to fill sand bags …

        In Honeyland however ,..not a Slowvaks problem, someone else is at fault , was not anything to do them all seems to rule ….perhaps a good soaking will actually wake the Ayrian dolts up ?? ………Naaaaaaaaaaa !

        1. I don’t know where’s the problem? First we have flood emergency barricades and there is qualified working force to build them. It would have been really dangerous if common non-qualified citizen had built it. Second, observers was prohibited to come closer to flood emergency barricades so they could not help. Apparently, Bratislava has been well prepared and no special regime was necessary. Eleven years ago, lot of volunteers was helping to fill bags with sand.

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