Day Four of Raging Fire in Nizke Tatry

The fire and rescue service has still not been able to contain fires in the Nizke Tatry mountains that broke out on Sunday evening and spread on Monday.

Work of the emergency services has been hindered by the difficult terrain, and so military helicopters are now being used, using 2,000 litre bambi buckets in an attempt to extinguish the raging fires near the villages of Spisske Bystre and Vysna Boca.

The fire started in Poprad near an ammunition plant, which had to be cleared out for fear that the fire would spread there. The fire is currently engulfing large parts of the Nizke Tatry forest and spreading with the help of the wind and the fact that rescue workers had to stop work at night due to extremely adverse conditions.

Eva Krajciova, head of the District fire and rescue brigade in Liptovsky Mikulas, told TASR newswire today that “The situation this morning is that the fire has spread to other areas. We will know more after an aerial inspection, which we are preparing just now”.


  1. Nothing like having a pulse on the News eh John ?

    1. Yes, it is good. The fire was still raging yesterday morning at 11 am when we posted the article and was only brought under control late in the evening

  2. The fire was eventually brought under control yesterday evening

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