Deadline! Website To Publish Recordings Incriminating Politicians

An anonymous e-mail was sent to various Slovak media this afternoon containing a link to a website where the unknown senders say they will release audio and video recordings incriminating top Slovak politicians mentioned in the Gorilla corruption affair.

The message on the internet site says “politicians mentioned in Gorilla have 48 hours to withdraw from their party election slates”, or the recordings exposing them will be unleashed. The statement says it is their last chance to stand down without being publicly disgraced. The website to be used for publishing the recordings and other materials is the same as the one that the Gorilla reports were published on.

The website currently shows a picture of various politicians and President Ivan Gasparovic, but not everyone was around at the time of Gorilla, like independent MP Igor Matovic or head of the SaS party Richard Sulik. Daily SME pointed out how the image did not contain pictures of anyone from the 99%-Civil Voice party.

It could all be a bluff, but given the effects of the last publication (the Gorilla reports themselves), this could be the kind of revelation to shake up the election campaign for some. The recordings should go live at 7.45 pm tomorrow, while the websites of all political parties are to be attacked at the same time.


  1. ~to see the media reaction…..`

    What a silly shark feeding frenzy , over a small fish ? Are all journalist so dumb?

    I am not sure what this whoha is really all about here?. Governments have spoken to industry and financial organisations for years . They lobby and pay for Government Policy , not the voters …have done so for 20 years . WE Just get taxed and have driving and other tax penalty increased , well unless you were an MP > Who do we all think and how a Party Election is paid for ?

    THis situation is all in the mind of the Media …and one dope called Nicholson , who has an ego the size of the SND and think he will be THE ONE to change Slovakia .

  2. The email and website proved to be a hoax in the end to see the media reaction

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