Deaflympics fiasco stains Slovakia’s image

Slovakia has been exposed to international media attention over the cancellation of the 2011 Winter Deaflympic Games, after what has become a fiasco and an embarrassment.

The problems lay in the funding for the event, which was a concern already last April for the International Deaflympics Federation, as it  ruled not to host the games in Slovakia for that reason. After appeals, the decision was reversed, however.

The games were to take place from this week in the beautiful High Tatras with ski facility operators all ready to go. With still no payments made, despite pressure and promises, they had to call the games off on Friday evening.

Peter Chudy from the High Tatra Association pointed the finger at the Slovak Deaflympics Committee and also the International Deaflympics  Committee for the embarrassing situation.

Many of the athletes who were to take part in the games are already at the venue, as the news of the cancellation came right before the games were due to start. Chudy noted how it would put a dark stain on the country, and even the region.

Let’s hope the World Ice Hockey Championships in April and May this year can repair any damage made, and not add to it with organisational problems.


  1. Shame on the Slovak Deaflympics Committee indeed!

    What happened to the CEO, Jaro Cehlarik, and Jaromir Ruda?
    Are they still at large, or have at least these two crooks been arrested?

    1. I have been folloving the events closely and in my opinion the SLOVAK GOVERMENT could and should have interveened and saved the Deflympics.I am still waitig for apologies from SLOVAK GOVERNMENT…

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