Deaflympics Fraudster Ruda Guilty of 11 More Crimes

After being sentenced to 13 years in jail in June, Jaromir Ruda, the man who brought shame on the Slovak Republic after defrauding millions of euro intended for the cancelled 17th Winter Deaflympic Games 2011, has now been found guilty on another 11 counts of fraud.

Jaromir Ruda, photo:

The Anti-Corruption Office has found Ruda guilty of the latest charges, meaning that the overall amount embezzled by Ruda and bent notary Stanislav Furda, now comes to around EUR 12.5 million. Furda was also sentenced to 14 years in June.

Ruda, who was head of the Organisational Committee for the games, borrowed ten million euro from at least four companies through co-operation agreements to help prepare the games, after presenting a fraudulent bank guarantee from the Bank of Columbia.

Ruda also managed to extract over EUR 1 million from the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) using false documentation, by getting its members to send money for accommodation and other services to the Slovak Deaflympics Committee instead of dealing directly with the facilities.

Ruda is now infamous among the world deaf community, thanks to his irresponsible actions, which saw hundreds of disappointed athletes miss out on the games, which were cancelled just one week before they were due to start. Ruda was arrested trying to leave the country at the border with Hungary.

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