Debate on MP immunity becomes almost farcical

Politicians say the funniest things and the latest comment of former labour minister, Viera Tomanova, can maybe be classed among them. She spoke in reference to the government’s plans to limit MP immunity.

Tomanova claimed that it was the government’s way of trying to draw the public’s attention away from the serious economic and social problems that Slovakia faces. That is pretty ironic considering it was the government that she was part of, which only lost power 2 months ago, that can be held responsible for the country’s economic condition more than the current government.

She said that the true motive behind the plan was to find ways to ‘criminalise’ the previous government.

It was head of Most-Hid, Bela Bugar, who got the chance to respond, citing also former PM Robert Fico: “Have you forgotten the statement of former prime minister Robert Fico, when he said to opposition MPs that they should shut up and count their blessings that they were sitting in parliament and not somewhere else? [apparently referring to prison].

Bugar also pointed out that it was Mrs. Tomanova that had spoken out in the media over how a certain MP from the ethnic-Hungarian SMK party had been caught drink-driving and that they could do nothing about it, because of the MP immunity. So why is she and her party so against limiting MP immunity now?

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