December Jobless Total Highest in 7 years

The total number of working age people in Slovakia registered as unemployed in December last year saw an increase of 0.26%, bringing the figure to 13.59%.

The Central Office for Labour, Social Affairs and Family announced the figures on Friday 20 January, with the total being the highest monthly total seen since July 2004, when it reached 13.65%.

Figures show a total of 362,428 people actively seeking employment in December, which is around 27,500 more than in 2010 and up 6,678 over the previous month. The mean for 2011 was 350,959 unemployed.

There were a total of 399,800  jobless in December, while the annual mean unemployment rate came to 13.16%. Slovakia has the highest unemployment rate in the Visegrad 4 and the third highest in the EU after Spain and Ireland.

Source: Central Office for Labour, Social Affairs and Family (full report in Slovak)


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