Defence Minister Questions Contract with Gas Company SPP

At a press conference today, defence minister Martin Glvac informed how the Ministry of Defence had discovered another landmine in the department in respect of a contract the Ministry concluded with main gas utility Slovenský plynárenský priemysel (SPP).

According to Glvac, the annual gas contract worth EUR 7.9 million was concluded without a tender, even though the company was no longer in a  monopoly position on the market as another provider existed. Glvac blames those employees of the ministry who ran for parliament with the SaS party.

“We risk receiving a huge fine from the Public Procurement Office for such a shabby  approach of such quality people,” said Glvac, who now plans to negotiation vcancellation of the contract with SPP and then call a tender.

Glvac pointed out how the public procurement was announced by the Office for investment and acquisition, which under the former management was headed by candidate for SaS, Pavol Liska. The old contract ran out on 31 December 2011. Instead of the standard procedure, Glvac claims the contract was concluded against the law.

The current minister pointed a finger to former defence minister Lubomir Galko (SaS) and former PM Iveta Radicova, who allegedly told head of the responsible section to “sign some contract with the gas company” after she discovered that gas was being supplied to the Ministry without a contract and so the bills could not be paid. The contract was eventually signed on 29 March 2012 a few weeks after the elections, which Glvac is also not happy about.


  1. Yes I agree ….I saw a CD the weekend of Jonny English …it the film, some guy has written on his arse , GOD IS COMING, LOOK BUSY !….sums up Slovakia .

  2. Three months to conclude a contract for a utility? Why does everthing in this country take so long?
    No suprise though, an employee of a local, government department explained that they justify the overstaffed office by not even looking at work for at least 30 days. This makes it appear that they are busy and overworked. He has so little to do he has started his own company, in a relatives name, and can spend 80-90% of his state funded time on “personal projects”. The fact this guy has the brass to brag about it illustrates just how twisted things are.
    No doubt the new contract will be awarded to some “provider” with the “right connections”.

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