Demonstrator Hlina demands apology from Bratislava

Businessman and renowned activist Alojz Hlina has announced that he will probably run for Mayor of Bratislava if the city of Bratislava does not offer an apology to the residents of the Luxorka building, which the city sold to a private undertaking, which then did not respect the condition of offering the flats in the building firstly to their occupants. The entrepreneur that acquired the building, did not do so and instead cut off the electricity, heat and water supplies.

Hlina made the announcement outside the cemetery in Slavicie udolie, Bratislava, with reference to one of the former tenants who now rests there. “Mrs. Neumiller was 87 years old. She is buried here in this cemetery, and she lived out her final months without water and electricity, and was even forced to do the toilet in a plastic bag. This isn’t something that happened somewhere in the Caucasus, or in Georgia, but here right in the centre of Bratislava” he said. The lady was his neighbour at the time and lived in the building for over 50 years.

Hlina plans to get support for his candidacy from the rightist parties, but he himself says they would need guts to support someone like him and would probably prefer someone less troublesome. SDKU-DS has already indirectly rejected his request, saying they had already nominated someone with great acting ability (referring to former actress Magda Vasaryova). Hlina says he has spoken to Most-Hid and SaS and that now it is up to them. The municipal elections are set for 27 November this year.

Hlina believes in drawing attention to himself and to certain wrongdoings in society, and has made various protests in the past, including stealing the Slovak flag from the building of nationalist party SNS.

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