Derailed train blocks main Bratislava – Kosice line

Today a cargo train went off the rails on the Bratislava-Kosice line, making all passage impossible. The train derailed between Trencin and Zlatovce this morning at about 4.20 a.m., with one wagon falling in a way that it blocked the lines in both directions that connect Bratislava to Kosice. The cause of the accident is not yet known.

Spokesman for Zilina Railway Police, Frantisek Gazo, informed that:
“Railway transport has been cut off in both directions, and we are waiting for a crane to lift the wagon off the track. A breathalyzer test on the driver proved negative, and nobody was hurt in the accident”.

The railway is providing substitute transport to bypass the section using buses. The railways have now managed to clear one track and the other should be clear by 8pm this evening.

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