Deutsche Telekom Plans 500 New Jobs in Bratislava

The successful operations of Deutsche Telekom Shared Services s.r.o. (DTSS) will gradually be expanded to support all Group subsidiaries in Europe.

Business purpose is the provision of selected financial services. By late 2015, more than 500 additional jobs are expected to be created in Bratislava.

Deutsche Telekom Shared Services s.r.o. (DTSS) will gradually take over tasks from the finance and accounting processes of all Deutsche Telekom subsidiaries in Europe. For this purpose, selected operations will be concentrated in Bratislava over the next couple of years.

DTSS began handling various accounting processes for the Group subsidiary T-Systems in 2006. The accounting services provider was known as T-Systems VICOS GmbH until 2009. Bundling international accounting tasks in Bratislava will support the standardization of internal processes in high quality and thus improve efficiency while also lowering costs. Today, DTSS and its 100 employees already provide services to 14 international and nine associated German companies.

Stefan Hofbauer, Managing Director of DTSS: “The planned expansion of Deutsche Telekom Shared Services s.r.o. reflects our clear commitment to our operations in Bratislava. In just a few years we will be the central European organization responsible for handling many of the Group’s accounting tasks.”

The expansion of DTSS is expected to create more than 500 new jobs by the end of 2015, offering interesting prospects for internationally oriented employees in Bratislava. Deutsche Telekom has already been successful for many years with its major shareholding Slovak Telekom and its subsidiary T‑Systems. The decision to expand DTSS reaffirms the long-term commitment of Deutsche Telekom in the Slovak Republic. Source: Deutsche Telekom


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  1. I think the term “new” jobs is stretching the Deutsche Telekom PR statement . Relocation of Operations Centers is happening all over the EU and where one new center opens in a cheap labour ( cost ) location like Slovakia , another is normally closing in another part of the EU , putting those people out of work, in say Germany, the UK or Ireland and putting more pressure on their already difficult family life .

    The expansion of the EU is not now fueled by a need to improve business and other relations between country’s, but by the vested interested of huge business groups lobbying those MEP’s to make it easy for them to move to a cheaper work force . Today Slovakia , tomorrow , perhaps Turkey the Ukraine even North Africa !

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