Piestany Airport has big plans

Direct Flights From Berlin To Piestany on Horizon

The spa town of Piestany could soon have direct flights to and from Berlin if talks between the military health facility VZZ and an interested carrier prove fruitful.

Piestany Airport has big plans
Piestany Airport

The new flights would boost tourism in the region and Piestany, which already enjoys a good international reputation as one of the best spa resorts for dealing with rheumatic and other diseases, and the idea has been given the backing of defence minister Lubomir Galko.

Head of VZZ, Tibor Simony, says he has already had discussions with one airline that is interested in operating regular flights to the German capital. The plan is to have the flights in operation by the beginning of 2012 and they should see a rise in the number of Germans coming to the spa region, which is not so easily accessible for them at present.

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