District Prosecutor Takes Bribe To Alter Fraud Case


Justice (c) Avjorska

Hardly surprising that few people in Slovakia have faith in the justice system, which seems rife with corruption and special protection for the chosen few, and the latest case proves the point.

District public prosecutor in the Trencin region, Dusan K, has been charged for abuse of position and corruption after he accepted a EUR 5,000 bribe to bend the outcome of a fraud case involving an entrepreneur from Bratislava. The entrepreneur and two more businessmen from Nove Mesto nad Vahom have been charged with bribery.

The accused hired the two other entrepreneurs to intermediate the bribe to alter the case, which the public prosecutor duly did. The prosecutor could face up to twelve years in jail, while the businessmen face sentences of between 2 and 5 years.


  1. Huh ? Well I guess we are now getting cryptic comments from Alex ? What the hell has a bank Lawyer got to do with this story ?

  2. Imagine a situation where the lawyers in Slovak banks are afraid to report intended fraud to the police because they fear for their families safety. and you realise that cases such as this are small fry..

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