Doctor Jailed for Manslaughter of 4-yr Old Boy

A doctor has been charged for the manslaughter a 4-year old boy, who died of pneumonia as the doctor had not made appropriate tests like taking his blood or an X-ray.

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The District Court in Trencin found the doctor guilty of manslaughter by professional negligence and sentenced her to 30 months in jail and a six year ban from her profession, TV Markiza reported.

The unfortunate incident happened over three years ago just before Christmas when the boy was taken by his parents to Ilava Hospital. They were just given some medication and sent home. The doctor is pleading innocence and her legal defence has already appealed the ruling.


  1. Slightly off topic but a fine example of the Slovak habit of completely cocking up a system – in this case our local doctor.
    My wife has been receiving treatment for a medical condition for some months now. Over the weekend the condition became worse and following her doctors previous advice she went to see him. Arriving at 7am she duly took her ticket, number 14 and waited to be seen. 4 hours and a legion of other patients without tickets being seen before her the “nurse” asked what she wanted. My wife explained whereupon the “nurse” went into a rage – “You don’t have an appointment, we don’t get paid if you don’t have an appointment”. Confused, my wife stood her ground and asked what all the numbered tickets and waiting in the filthy waiting area was about. Apparently, patients must now make an appointment to come on a certain day, take a ticket and wait all day to be seen.
    “What about the doctor’s previous instruction to come here immediately if my condition got worse?” – “We’ve changed the system since then!” ( patients not informed!). Suprise, suprise, upon hearing the raised voices the doctor finally made an appearance, saw my wife was in some distress, checked her blood pressure which was through the roof, had to sedate her and put her on medication for a condition caused by his nurse.
    Why does seeing your doctor when your ill require so many hoops and hurdles? and why, when systems are changed, can’t people be informed? All too much for the SVK grey matter?

    1. Sorry to hear about the wife DC. I trust she gets better very soon . Makes me worry about Cowpats other half, and her own blood pressure being joined up to him . The system at the Doctor I used go too, is almost the same as your own , except those that are being seen without tickets were the ones paying the 5-10 euro just to Q jump .

      The nurses here are a joke, just jumped up little Hitlers normally and `customer care/service ` passes them by ….Lets hope a tram runs her over this evening eh?

      1. George – Thanks for the good wishes.
        The wife has finally come around to my way of thinking – jump on a cheap flight to the UK and get some decent service and treatment, most probably quicker too!

        1. No need for a tram! I am going with her next time. I predict the reassuring sound of Slovak leather ( nurses head) striking English willow ( my cricket bat). One thing is for certain she will get a crash course on manners and customer service. Woman or not, if she raises her voice to me she will get a slap.

  2. G.M.,
    Nice you call all Ex Pats.. COWPAT! Dumb A$$~

    1. Oh Dear Ex , I must bow to your total originality in calling yourself ExPUT the same as several others …I can see you obviously have an IQ above most Slowvaks ?

      Meaning ; Cowpat . A huge dollop of cow turd or excrement, normally found in the middle of a field .

      Harsh but very fair , don`t you think Smug ?

  3. The death of a child is unfortunate under any circumstances. As to the role of the doctor in contributing to the childs death, yet again the reporting is a bit short on the facts.
    The real tragedy and quite frightening fact is that a possible incompetent has been allowed to continue in practice for the THREE YEARS this case has taken.
    It is plainly obvious that all levels of the Judiciary believe they have a licence to print money and just spin almost ( Toady, Caspar etc, seems to get rulings in hours!) every case for as long as possible. What the hell do they find to do for three years? The Nuremberg War trials took only lasted about 180 days with over 200 witnesses and a million documents, films, etc.

  4. At least in Slovakia she was convicted of manslaughter,.
    The cretins in charge at Mid Staffs in the UK….no accountability at all.

  5. feaving???

    Mistake???? Death…..

    On a higher level!!! she should do a greater prison sentence and should banned for life from her profession based on the report! to lazy to do her job correct!

    When your car display starts flickering warning icons… you take it to the car mechanic! you expect him to check for problems/full diagnostic run down to the problems! then do his job to fix the problems!! then the warning signs are gone! fixed/solved!! and your probably happy to pay him for doing his semi skilled job!!!

    ****Note for nobhead*** It is just an example comparison of course

    Doctors cure this way
    Mechanics fix this way

    Both ways you look at it!! its expected as a minimum……

    1. Cowpat , nothing like comparing Nuts with a Lemon , which is your problem …you think like a lemon .

      The fact is a Doctor is human, they dont know everything, always learning and are constantly under pressure to diagnose a range of problems, many of which they may have never seen before and kids are the worse to try and diagnose, as today they are so ill, tomorrow they are often so better .

      If we start putting in prison Doctors for mistakes procedure, then who would want to be a doctor ?? At this moment I feel injustice for this Doctor …as how do you think she will feel after the death of a child in her care ?

      If I knew all the facts in the case , ie the Doctor was drunken, lazy , incompetent, idiot , as is the majority of the Slowvak race then perhaps I could be less sympathtic .

  6. Harsh, but very fair I feel.

    QED . Just about sums up Slowvak standards . Thirty months in clink and a six year ban on your chosen job for a mistake . . Yip in jail and a White Feather medal if you are bloody feaving git and in politics .

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