Doctors Start To Buckle: 800 Withdrawn Notices

The Ministry of Health is claiming that it now registers around 800 withdrawn resignations of doctors as of 2pm this afternoon, reports SITA newswire.

LP Hospital, Kosice - photo (c) Veronika Januskova

This is almost one third of the 2,400 or so doctors who set out on the campaign of mass resignations, with health minister Ivan Uhliarik thanking them and assuring them of the EUR 300 hike in salaries without cuts elsewhere.

Kosice can sigh a breath of relief especially, as some 210 doctors at the LP Hospital there took back their notices, leaving just 28 still lapsing.

In preparation for the potential lack of doctors, the minister has already spoken with Slovakia’s neighbours, with hospitals in Austria and the Czech Republic already opening their doors to Slovak patients if necessary, and some doctors are expected to come here from the Czech Republic.


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